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Today is hard day for a lot of people. Err on the side of compassion and understanding. Go out of your way to be a safe space today.

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Omg, I have a #blog now!!

And it even federates! seriously write.as is beautiful and you should check it out if you've been looking for a simple and elegant publishing platform. So appreciate the ethos and model of it

Thanks @nutomic for the inspiration with your beautiful post about the Zapatistas

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Literal deaths attributable to US government shutdown 

Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty with ASL Interpreter Andrew Tolman. "My goal is to make Portland safe for ALL people." That includes houseless, Trans, Black and Brown, refugees, immigrants, children, and people of all colors and income levels.

Houseless advocates celebrate Hardesty's position on Portland City Council. She declared her first priority is "doing something for houseless people," and said she will meet with them and seek their counsel.

Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty meets with Bureau Chiefs assigned to her on the day of her swearing-in. This was before Fire Chief Mike Myers resigned on Jan. 3

Portland Press Corps meets Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty for the first time, January 2, 2019.

Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty with the Hon Adrienne Nelson, Oregon Supreme Court Justice.

Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty sworn in by the Hon. Adrienne Nelson of the Oregon Supreme Court. January 2, 2019.

Happy birthday to Chris, @slackz I'm so glad you're in the world. For your birthday, here's a photograph that will ring your bells.

OccupyICEPDX. It is helpful to have community members in the camp whenever they can be there. Portland people, please support your local occupiers.

There are at present only 3 people there, trying to hold space.

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