Oh look, Theo de Raadt seems to confirm my feeling regarding Intel Hyperthreading that I tooted about yesterday:

See also this discussion/rant (with @mulander @cynicalsecurity @csirac2) about Hyperthreading from January:

@Kensan @mulander @cynicalsecurity @csirac2

Well done, Lenovo... 🙄

Re: How to disable CPU Hyperthreading on T460S?

‎03-28-2016 07:50 AM

The feature was removed due to lack of use-cases, and a desire to remove obselete settings/options which do not benefit anyone.


@stsp @mulander @cynicalsecurity @csirac2 Yeah, as mentioned in the other thread from January, the option to disable HT has been removed from many BIOSes.

It’s the reason why we had to add code to the Muen kernel which basically only brings up one thread per physical CPU core.

@canadianbryan @stsp @mulander @cynicalsecurity @csirac2 First time I discovered that the option was removed from the BIOS was with T440s (Haswell). The T430s still had a switch for Hyperthreading. It’s very much „hit-and-miss“ I think: some still have it while others don’t.

@Kensan @mulander @cynicalsecurity @csirac2 路边社传闻 Intel CPU 即将公布又一严重漏洞,影响所有超线程模式的 CPU!建议敏感用户和服务器禁用超线程。

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