Sculpt OS with Visual Composition (VC) by Genode Labs is available:

Ready made images and documentation:

@Kensan I never had a chance to beat your tooting performance :-) All others: Sculpt VC is out!

@chelmuth Ha, not sure that’s something I should be proud of. A little less tooting but a bit more development “performance” ;)

@Kensan do you happen to know what VMs are supported ( It speaks only of Debian which I wouldn't run if they paid me… anything else? Perhaps even a Windows VM for those having to interact with such stuff (i.e. real life)?

@cynicalsecurity I know that Windows works but not sure what version. The VMM is an adapted VirtualBox 5 version under the hood so other OSes should work.

The Seoul VMM is also supported which is used to run Linux-based “surf” VMs since it is much quicker than Vbox.

@chelmuth can tell you more.

@Kensan @chelmuth I'm all years - if I could build a "light" laptop to run my day-to-day work and get rid of the colossus I use I'd be grateful. And I like the design so...

@cynicalsecurity @chelmuth I guess you grab one of the premade imagea and start sculpting your own Genode-based OS ;)



That's what I suggest too. Just get some hands-on with sculpting OSes.

@chelmuth @Kensan I don't have all the time in the world: if I could kickstart just a few things by being told "look here to build VMs" then I'd be happy. If I have to go spelunking then it becomes like Linux man pages and I have zero interest. The documentation page only talks about Debian.

@cynicalsecurity @chelmuth Just to make it absolutely clear: I am *not* part of Genode and cannot speak for them or the project. I don’t want the appearance that I am putting words in “Genode’s mouth”, so this is just my opinion/thoughts.

To manage expectations: I don’t think Sculpt is at that level just yet even though the Genode Labs devs have been using it as their main system for some time. The documentation covers the “common” use cases that are currently being run.

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