Yesterday I remembered the Olivetti TCV250. What a beautifully designed machine from ‘66! Italians know how to it :)

@cynicalsecurity pointed me to this article (in Italian) on Tchou and Olivetti:

Now I wish I knew more about the history of computers in Europe and why the industry here got swept away...

Birdsite references:

@Kensan @cynicalsecurity The beautiful Olivetti TCV250 was in MoMA's computer art exhibition. A+ for aesthetics, C- for ergonomics.

@th @cynicalsecurity Ah yes, I saw that when I was looking it up yesterday. Actually, come to think if it: I think I initially found out about that machine through your timeline! So a belated thanks for bringing it to my attention :)

@Kensan @th I still would like a NeXT on my desk, just with a higher resolution screen for my eyes, and a CM-5 as the computational back-end :flan_laugh:

@cynicalsecurity @Kensan The NeXT keyboard is not my favorite, although the cube is also an aesthetic A+.

@th @cynicalsecurity Is it easier to ask which iconic computer you have not gotten your hands on? 😄
What would be your choice?

@Kensan @th the Xerox Alto was quite something and still feels futuristic, the Lisp Machine “because Lisp”, the CM-5 because it spoke (and speaks) to me, the Pascal uEngine because it taught me that there is no such thing as true separation between anything, the Apollo DN10k because I coded fractals on it, Sun because of SunOS, SGI because ZOMG Cray pipes, Cray XMP because understanding vectors, DEC alpha because it taught me alpha testing and then solid engineering, Onyx because “my 1st Unix"

@Kensan @th oh, I just read the question… what did I *not* get my hands on…


I just would have loved to listen to Seymour Cray describe the Cray-3, the tradeoffs, GaAs, etc. in his quest for ultimate speed.

But also the ETA 10k and lots of those experimental supercomputers of the 80s (KSR-1, BBN Butterfly, etc.).

On the smaller side I longed for a Mac SE for a long time as a teenager :flan_laugh: and then the PowerBook… but I did have a DGone so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯‬

@th @Kensan agreed, the keyboard could be improved but keyboards are very much “personal” and I am yet to find “the keyboard” I like (sun4, late DEC definitely like, Old “white” new Apple likish, new Apple no, etc.).

My love for NeXT comes from the integration between all its parts, the fact that DisplayPostscript is still the only “WYSITWYG” technology (T for truly) and it permeated the design. Improv… WordPerfect…

@cynicalsecurity @th Have you tried one of the Unicomp Keyboards? They are the rightful heirs of the IBM Model M.

@Kensan @th I don’t know… I’ve spent far too much money on “recommended keyboards” over the Internet only to find them either unreliable (breaks fast) or just not to my liking.

My next keyboard I would very much prefer to try out extensively in a shop before buying. Assuming there will be any shops left :flan_sad:

@cynicalsecurity @th Yeah, I was not recommending but merely asking your opinion on the off-chance you had tried it directly :)

Yeah, getting stuff from shops is a dying from of commerce, unfortunately. Trust me I feel this more than you might think: my family used to run the “village store”...

@Kensan @th In my area I seem to be the only idiot still buying at the local store… everyone else at best jumps in a car to buy “cheaper” in France or has it delivered.

@cynicalsecurity @th I was super-excited to find out that St. Gallen has many small family-owned shops. E.g. there are several Butcher shops, cheesemakers and a whole host of backers. Much more diverse than the usual bland assortment of chain stores.

@Kensan @th sadly Geneva is quite the opposite: you need to hunt the artisans hidden in various places, some of them so unreachable it makes little sense to try :flan_sad:

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