I really try to support local stores, but when places like Guitar Center don’t give immediate ETA on shipping and/or don’t clarify that an in-stock item isn’t really in the store… I get that Amazon urge. 😡

It’s hard to avoid passing around a cold in a small apartment and even harder in a tiny hotel room.

The sick slipped from son to spouse to self. Patient Zero is doing well, so there’s hope for Judy and me.

Since our hotel is near the Japan Center, we decided to queue up for the first seating at Marufuku for yummy ramen. 🍜 mastodon.social/media/61ne9ZO7 mastodon.social/media/Hq7DSUDF

Some parts of this were emotional to read, but it’s worth your time. I’m glad I worked in a few offices that were mentioned.

PCalc 3.8 is available on the store now! Full support for iOS 12 and Siri Shortcuts, plus all the new devices.

Also includes my whimsy for this year, a lovely set of animated iMessage stickers by @dlanham featuring Pascal, the PCalc panda.

Get it here: pcalc.com/itunes_store_link/tl

I enjoyed this reflection by CinemaWins on the movie Inside Out: youtu.be/U8nU4RoSlpQ

Apparently, I drink wine faster than whisky. I should stick to the latter.

Me: “I shave 5ms off of that API call”
Apple: “We made it 9 times faster while occupying 1/10th the energy”

This is insane. We’ve robbed our planet and the punishment is coming fast and hard. mastodon.social/media/eSxAfPO_

Throwback… Monday:

Inside that bagbox is quite literally the first iPhone that Apple's Lenox Square location (R006) ever sold.

Hundreds of Roman gold coins found in basement of old theater - CNN

The more software (iOS & macOS) that just “automagically” keep things in sync across devices via iCloud the more jarring it is when you have to a deal with software that doesn’t sync at all.

Spoofing MAC addresses to get an Apple TV to work… like a boss.

Green Spot is quickly becoming my favorite Irish whiskey. Sláinte mhath! 🥃

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