@jeffmc Crazy money for whisky, but the artwork is likely worth it. 😉

35 years ago today — in the middle of a Buffalo, NY blizzard — @judyhoctor said “Yes” and made me the happiest man in the world. I love you, Judy!

I really try to support local stores, but when places like Guitar Center don’t give immediate ETA on shipping and/or don’t clarify that an in-stock item isn’t really in the store… I get that Amazon urge. 😡

@seanreilly One would think so, but external radars help us devs make our case for spending time on features and fixes. Cheers! 😎

@seanreilly Any chance you filed a radar for reader mode in Mail? 😉🤞🏻

@chrisphin Son one is better. Judy and I are still suffering. 🤧

It’s hard to avoid passing around a cold in a small apartment and even harder in a tiny hotel room.

The sick slipped from son to spouse to self. Patient Zero is doing well, so there’s hope for Judy and me.

@DazeEnd Cool! I’ll look up where we ate and send you some names.

Some parts of this were emotional to read, but it’s worth your time. I’m glad I worked in a few offices that were mentioned.

PCalc 3.8 is available on the store now! Full support for iOS 12 and Siri Shortcuts, plus all the new devices.

Also includes my whimsy for this year, a lovely set of animated iMessage stickers by @dlanham featuring Pascal, the PCalc panda.

Get it here: pcalc.com/itunes_store_link/tl

@jeff_lamarche @chartier Did you mean to say “Put that…” and did a Freudian slip or was that a cheeky pun?

@davedelong Been there. It’s easy to trip over that and miss it if the sub view starts out with the same frame.

Apparently, I drink wine faster than whisky. I should stick to the latter.

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