Part of the fire wood briskets fell apart from getting wet, apparently it was just pressed chipped wood... I guess I shuffle it into the fire place make a fire on top and grill my tomahawk steak I've got in the fridge...🤔

Anunciados los ganadores de los Premios Nebula 2020. ‘Network Effect’, de Martha Wells, se lleva el premio a mejor novela. Nalo Hopkinson, premiada por su contribución a la literatura de ciencia ficción y fantasía. Lo contamos en nuestro blog 👉🏼


When I was getting my MBA, I used all of my printer bucks to print this HUGE desert battle map for our D&D campaign.

I stayed late one day so I could use the dept print room in secret. While trimming the margins off the maps, one of my more unforgiving professors walked in. 1/


A blatant vaccine grab now being presented as largesse for the world's poor, and expecting kudos and gratitude from those who were deprived by the earlier grab.....
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‘The UK has bought 500 million vaccine doses; well beyond what we need. And yet today we’re only offering to give 100 million doses to the rest of the world – and only by the middle of next year. It’s little more than a PR gimmick’ Me in the Mirror t…

I had to switch to a different approach but I think the hyphenation for Unity UI is working correctly now.
I updated the gist:

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I love the idea of describing what I do as “Sparkling DevOps”

It can only be called SRE if it comes from the Mountain View region of California, otherwise it's just sparkling DevOps

— Dave 'WYFM' Swersky (@dswersky) June 10, 2021

📺 >> EXIT <<
Sex, Drogen und Gewalt

In der norwegischen Dramaserie geht es um vier befreundete Investmentbanker, die eine perfide Parallelwelt erschaffen, um ihrem Alltag zu entfliehen...

While no one ever thinks it's fair
Eventually he just will not be there
Though his body may still work
His brain, his mind, won't even care.



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the memes about all this bullshit are sooosooosoo good tho

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almost had a heart attack when i saw this then i remembered that pleroma letsencrypt certs don't renew automaticly
Bullshit makes flowers grow, and that's perfect

I'd like to cuddle with girls cause I'm lebsiab but I'm also very gross so i shall hide instead

looking into the timeline, saying "hello holly", and waiting as hundreds of replies roll in

Prezado Senador Girão, se você não quer politizar nada (spoiler: TUDO É POLÍTICA), então você está tá no lugar errado. Abre mão do seu cargo!

Exigir o contrário é absurdo. Só exige esse tipo de coisa pessoa muito inocente ou desonesta.

Tenho certeza que você não é inocente!

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