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बनाना है हिन्दोस्ताँ को फिर से,
सारे जहाँ से अच्छा

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A Prime Minister who revoked President’s rule mischievously in the dark, before sunrise..

A Governor who executed auth ceremony with no application of mind..

And a President who watched everything mooted

Are all celebrating the 70th Constitution Day of India!

Sab Changaazi!

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BJP ने जो काम किया है वो हमारे यहां पॉकेट मार करते है : राउत
मुंबई : महाराष्ट्र में सियासत का महासंग्राम जारी है, कांग्रेस- एनसीपी और शिवसेना ने अपने विधायकों को होटल में रखा है, तो वहीं सरकार गठन को लेकर BJP के खिलाफ कां

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Delhi police has attacked and detained peacefully protesting JNU students.


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anyone need a writer?

i can make:

- jox
- sense
- nonsense
- stories
- songs
- 💫 drama💫
- dialogues
- mast hashtags
- ghatiya hashtags
- people comfortable
- people uncomfortable

what do you want?
i have a farrago of words

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Supreme Court sitting starts at 11.30 today instead of 10.30. Status updated now. Since eventuality was known well in advance, could you not have updated earlier. Why so casual with other people's time?

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@KhanSaab , there is no logic for bhakta. all logic fails there, all hinduism fails there, all vedas fail there, yoga fail, meditaion fail, real enlightened sadhu fail ,only pass is his liking

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@KhanSaab what's beautiful is that it'll be true for "Anti-national" "urban naxal" "hindu hating" beef eater 😂

Bhakts when they part.

"ठीक है. शाम को गाय पे मिलते हैं."

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@itsbhavikjoshi Find your truths.

You are alive.

You know the country is moving in the wrong direction.

You want change.

How can you help?

Donate if you have the money.

Share your skills if it can help.

Go to a protest if you have the health.

If nothing talk, listen, boost and support each other.

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अमित शाह का कहना है फिफ्टी फिफ्टी फार्मूले से हमें भी कोई दिक्कत नहीं थी. हम बस इतना चाहते थे 'दोनों फिफ्टी हमारे हों' 😜

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