I have beaten Mighty Gunvolt burst and need to ask: Did I just beat up a 12-year-old who only recently discovered internet memes?

Mind, given the current state of the internet, this is likely for the best. As it stands, right now saying something as innocent as "kittens are cute" can be seen as damning proof that you're an alt-right leftist SJW commie hitler-spawn and have you're account under siege so... yeah.

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I should probably be saying more here, but in truth I'm usually pretty quiet online. I follow things on social media, but I generally don't say much.

I keep getting calls form something called Johnson Johns. I REALLY hope it's a plumber with a name like that.

Unpopular opinion? On the internet? Actually having one.

I just found out There's gong to be a Pinball FX 3. Yes please.

Fun with RTS today. I still think the lat 90s to early 00s were a DAMN GOOD time for the genre.

BAH! got one of those tech support scams again. Had them for a few Minuits trying to fill out a scam report forum before they got fed up and I had to give it up.

Help! I can't stop playing Xanadu Next! Curse you Falcom and you're awesome games!

It occurs to me that I never really beat any of the Might & Magic RPGs. Should go fix that.

Not for the readily offended. 

Ya know. I have to wonder how many people outraged over CNN now were the same people having a big old laugh over "actually it's about ethics..." just a year ago. Because... yeah that's gotta sting a little. Can't say you weren't warned though.

Unpopular internet opinion: hating and having snarky, dismissive quips for EVERYTHING is really tedious and dull and does not make you a cool and awesome person.

It's that time of year again. Hally National Blow Shit Up day folks!

I really should find people to follow here, but have NO IDEA where to look or who to add.

Short Fiction:
"Ok I've got some good news and some bad news."
"Go on..."
"Good news? I can get you a massive tax cut, but we'd have to screw over a lot of sick and elderly in the process."
"Ok, so what's the bad news?"

I have tried Everquest. It's age is showing, but it's still amusingly retro.

Everything's on my profile though, and notifications are still up, so it's not eating anything. OK.

oh this is weird, the home feed empties when you keep quiet for too long.

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