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Went on twitter, thought I might be suspended and my account "archived" but I still have celebs I want to stalk and found out I got my account back! (Dunno how long for/twitter might throw another hissy fit. I'm so happy right now. I'm still going to use mastodon tho. Thankyou for being there for me, and making me feel welcome on this site. I'm very grateful, u beautiful people

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I was a twitter user until December 3rd. I webt down my followers list just following people back. (I had amassed over 276k followers over the years I used it) and got suspended for twitter for mass following. I did an appeal but nope. "Case closed and archived" for me twitter was theuraphutic* helped me talked about my feelings something I feel uncomfortable doing in real life but I found mastadon so hopefully this will help. This is my first toot. Sorry in advance for the nonsense.

A visual representation of my family's views of me still playing/buying/enjoying Pokémon🤷‍♂️

Dunno why they put quotation marks around 25th birthday. If her birthday is on Feb 29th and there is no Feb 29th that year, it's not her birthday and she she remains the age she was till the next leap year. Happy 25th birthday♥️

When you're in a pokemon battle and your phone freezes and even though you were winning, you have to watch as your Pokémon gets hit and hit till you eventually get knocked out😭😭

Wish I could do this to my internet

Fair play to Disney 4 their 1st gay characterClapping hands sign when Cinderella, sleeping beauty etc and the prince and princess kiss, get married, u stay silent. how come they're not young enough for religion but when it comes to lgbtq stuff, "let kids be kids" hypocritical homophobic bigots

When they leave for work and you've finally got the bed to yourself and you can starfish...aaah!

When you need a shit but gotta hold it in because your fake tan hasn't dried yet

after they borrowed your charger last time and when you asked them for it back, they ASKED what percentage YOUR phone was on, ask to borrow your charger again..

Finally got the 400 magikarp candies needed to evolve my shiny magikarp into big red!😍😍

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