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Kieran @Kieran

Honestly, I'm not sure what's really worse; exams or the anticipation from waiting for the results.

Who knew a grindy, afk-friendly, alt-character mad mmo pretending to be a single player game would be so interesting?

at least I can spend the foreseeable summer playing video games

@oxenfree Sometimes that's the most you can hope for, to be happy with what you have.

@oxenfree They say an education is priceless but really what they meant is £50k of debt.

@oxenfree I'm too much of a poor student, can't afford a violin I'm afraid.

@oxenfree Yeah true. Personally I wish I'd learned piano or violin. I'd love to have the time to, maybe after university or something.

@oxenfree Cliché guitarist with long hair, unfortunately.

@oxenfree That's true. I guess I'm not so used to it still, physics was a snap change in my life, after spending most of the rest of it doing music.

@oxenfree after three years, I'm not sure how much of it has stuck/is going to stick.

Having finished another year at university, I still feel no closer to actually being capable of anything professional.

Honestly scientific computing was the best part of this year at uni, I wanna do more of the good shit.

oh papers please, how i love you

@Gargron Seems like a good shout, though could be too creative for my current state of mind, we'll see

I'm in need of recommendations for mind numbing games (preferably cheap enough to fund through the sales of dota hats) to soften the disappointment of GSoC falling through; Factorio is on the list so far,

@Gargron Yeah people familiar with Twitter would be able to take to it quite quickly; some may also see it as a twitter clone/alternative on the surface without too much thought. I feel like maybe the instances prospect should've been pushed a little more in depth, as a more community based thing but that's just my opinion.

Procrastinating to the point of no return where I realise I'm going to be up working when I want to be asleep.

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It appears I really am trying to procrastinate through any means necessary,