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Honestly, I'm not sure what's really worse; exams or the anticipation from waiting for the results.

Who knew a grindy, afk-friendly, alt-character mad mmo pretending to be a single player game would be so interesting?

at least I can spend the foreseeable summer playing video games

Having finished another year at university, I still feel no closer to actually being capable of anything professional.

Honestly scientific computing was the best part of this year at uni, I wanna do more of the good shit.

oh papers please, how i love you

I'm in need of recommendations for mind numbing games (preferably cheap enough to fund through the sales of dota hats) to soften the disappointment of GSoC falling through; Factorio is on the list so far,

Procrastinating to the point of no return where I realise I'm going to be up working when I want to be asleep.

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It appears I really am trying to procrastinate through any means necessary,

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Discord is down, aaand this is why we need decentralized systems folks

@Gargron pls and save us with new social media

Maybe this is the new discord