Tolle VA-Reihe zu #Sterbehilfe mit klugen, kritischen Perspektiven auf das Thema anlässlich des problematischen Urteils des #BVerfG 2020: „Sterbehilfe aus gesellschaftstheoretischer und kritisch-historischer Sicht“

The Birthday Party - The Friend Catcher [live in Bremen, Germany, 1982]


Disquiet Junto Project 0554: Cage Chord

The Assignment: Riff on a chord by John Cage.

This project is the third of three that are being done in collaboration with the 2022 Musikfestival Bern, which will be held in Switzerland from September 7 through 11. The topic this year is “unvermittelt,” which is a little tricky to translate. Literally it’s “unmediated,” but it can also mean “sudden,” “abrupt,” or “immediate.”

Step 1: Consider this chord:


If MIDI is of use to you, here is a link to the chord in a MIDI file:

Step 2: You might read up a bit about the source of the chord, the piece “Organ²/ASLSP” by John Cage. Cage desired the piece to be played “As Slow As Possible.” Currently it is being performed in Halberstadt, Germany, on a special organ that will play it for a total of 639 years. It’s been going for 21 years so far, and is at this moment playing the above chord. Read up here:

Step 3: Produce a loopable drone (duration between one and three minutes) of your own based on that chord.

Note: Submitted drones will be sequenced into one large drone piece to be played at the Cage Room, a pop-up workshop and exhibition space of the festival at Progr, Bern, Switzerland.

IT'S ALIVE: @neocolapsar & I are pleased to announce that our third album "um vazio obsceno" is now available. Here's a short description: "South Carolina swamp meets steel-wool windstorm. Members of the Blessed Sodality of Incapacitants exorcise demons. Cicadas create power electronics. Uneasy listening to chase away tourists."


Finalmente mi sono deciso ad ascoltare il disco solista del cantante dei Metz - ribattezzatosi Weird Nightmare - e devo dire che non è affatto male. È una cosa che sta tra gli Hüsker Dü, i Guided by Voices e i Metz stessi (la sua voce e la sua chitarra sono diventati ormai una firma ben riconoscibile).

#MastoRadio #PowerPop #NoiseRock

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