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20 years ago, we had johnny cash, steve grass, and bob ass. now everyone rides for free

If we end up being chased off mastodon by Nazis I’m going to be really upset.

There’s a problem with creating tools that are available to everyone!

tfw you get permabanned from twitter but then you realize you no longer have detailed up to date knowledge of what horseshit trump is rambling on about

Last toot on the entire IRC v platform discussion I kicked off here:

If you believe IRC is problematic because it has issues with a messy nick registration process, you don't get persistent chat history and you can't post images/videos/media into a channel...

please uninstall xchat and maybe give a different client or self-hosted solution like thelounge a chance. You perception of IRC's experience is rather limited because of the client you chose, not because IRC sucks.

oh so you're a foucault fan? name three things that aren't a prison

where's Mirah?

someone make her switch over, TIA


*furtively drafts legislations for a carbon trading tax credit initiative for single mothers in the shadows*

Tv shows cannot be movies. at all. ever. i don’t care if it was shown in the theater and I don’t care if the creator said he (the people who say this are always dudes) envisioned it as one long movie. Damon Lindelof is going to try to pull that shit when he makes Watchmen and you’re going to eat it up

inhaled a monsanto seed while working on the farm and i just took a shit that broke like four copyright laws

MacOS apps stuff things inside their .app bundles that belong under /usr/share/ hierarchy.

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