Thespian Utpal Dutt's only grandson Noel Paul passed away of an asthma attack in Delhi.
He was from my child's school and I came to know about it from the other parents. Sad.

How polluted is the air today? Check out the real-time air pollution map, for more than 100 countries. via @world_aqi

On a day when schools are shut due to severe pollution, the NGO Prayas sponsored by LIC has organised an early morning "run for children" with young children. Cannot. Even. Begin.

The best thing about Mastadon? Delete and re-draft. Twitter, we kept crying hoarse for the edit button.

In the park. The MILs sitting in a group complaining about their DILs. The DILs sitting at the other end complaining about their MILs. I'm walking in circles trying to match complainants to complainees.

Good people of Mastodon, I've been seeing a number of posts here that compare the Ayodhya judgment to a husband losing his wife to another man, treatment of rape victims etc. This is quite worrisome.

Women aren't property that one can win/lose claim over. Such comparisons reinforce the idea of ownership over women as passive objects. I have high hopes from this space and how we talk about women here.

So please do continue with the much-needed criticism, but please keep women out of it.

Very pissed off but sitting on my hands and stoically refraining from tweeting about it. Where is my sash and crown?

@samarpita seriously? Never felt that. This is 1945 to 64 generation? They're pretty cool most.

Why is everyone so annoyed with ? Seriously? Touchy much.

The society I rent a flat in has introduced this system of letting residents/guests/rental vehicles/food orders in or out through an app verification. Besides the sheer holier-than-thou nonsense that this gated community system is, the people living here don't realise they're volunteering their data, including name, number, time-tracked movements, car details to an unverified third party that does nothing guarantee that your data won't be misused. The lack of is appalling!

Quite enjoying that my mentions are barely pinging here. The calm is nice.

So here's what I going to do differently here. I am going to follow more people. Hear new and more voices. Listen. And not recommend anyone. Everyone is good and if you need to follow or hear someone, you will find them. You don't need me.

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@gautamghosh wrote a micro fiction for cosmopolitan on this some years ago.

The climate crisis will make entire cities uninhabitable. Underground cities have long been sci-fi fodder, but now governments and planners are taking them seriously. One of the biggest challenges to overcome is convincing people to be comfortable underground

@gautamghosh good to hear pappas babysit too. I'd left the offspring c/o spouse too, his term exams on as well.

@gautamghosh Hoped to meet you at the fest, but lovely to meet the missus.

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