@MochaKoffee Re:Rise already seems like a step up from build divers tbh

@MochaKoffee we're actually getting the other packs for the PG strike which is like, better late than never I guess lol. I guess I'll be replacing the 3rd party packs I got for mine because I'm sure these will be way better

@MochaKoffee love to get the new one piece chapter spoiled by the trending twitter tags before it's even officially released

Went to go preload LA and my sd card got corrupted. Turns out mine is a counterfeit lmao :angery:

Really disappointed that the switch lite can't dock at all, I would absolutely grab one otherwise. The thing is the perfect size for handheld play but dropping the console's main gimmick is such a deal breaker

@MochaKoffee I found an old msia shining gundam for basically pennies at the flea market the other day so obviously I had to save it. These things honestly aren't as bad as I remember lol

I kind of miss the days of just being able to buy your favorite toy robots at Walmart or wherever for a couple bucks

I picked up the switch port of Garou and this is still the sexiest game SNK has ever made

even though undertale is a bad game I went ahead and bought the smash dlc just so I can have megalovania :angery:

Okay yeah someone definitely has access to my Mastodon account despite me changing the password like 3 times. I just noticed there was a link on my profile to a Russian dating site and I was following like 20 new people lmao

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