I simply cannot be stopped drawing kaiju lately. Here's Mefilas from Ultraman, saying "'ight imma head out" after not being able to win an argument against a child

If you got 9 minutes to spare, they put up the Jackal Vs Ultraman on YouTube. It's an amazing piece of animation made by Akitoshi Yokoyama and Hisashi Mori, two key animators who have such an extensive background in animation that it's mind-blowing youtu.be/D3fr7r1Dyjs

The most depressing thing about Americans and our understanding of the modern economy is how we think it can all be solved by buying a zoo

Told the CEO of the company I work for that my partner and I are having a kid in July through the stall door of the bathroom in what I can only describe as the ultimate power move

Everyday some new piece of media or cool poster is dropped for Shin Kamen Rider, I drool and howl like a lunatic for it's release

With how much I've been enjoying Mastodon combined with how every Twitter news story looks like a nightmare continually forming, I am very happy I finally started using this place

Y'all want Joe Manchin to retire from politics? Wow, that is a lot nicer than what I was going to suggest!

Oven roasted? Damn, why is everyone being so mean to this Oven

I drew for myself last night after weeks of commissions and then a week of sickness which means a weird demon for everyone

I do like that I don't see multiple liberals arguing with obvious Elon Musk bots on here all the time

Up my alley? You're telling me I should shove this thing you think that I'll like up my ass?! OK, but only if it's really good

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