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I'm starting to write some short stories.

I have a site at:

Please check it out if you're interested.

Currently, the only story I've posted is a Naruto universe story starring my OC, .

But more will come eventually. ☺

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Preview of the new checklist sheet. With this change, the "Missing Heroes" list will get significantly shorter as all extra info will be on this one. Only the "Name" column will remain.

On second thought, I'm just gonna make a more robust checklist sheet.

My plan, btw, is to move the "Base 5* (Non-Event)" tab into the main "Trust Master Rewards" tab so that we can do a more complete checklist.

I've already started on it, which is why only the other 2 tabs are updated atm. But it'll be a while before I get it done.

And don't worry, I have instructions lined up so that current users will be able to keep their existing checklists when updating for the extra columns.

And on that note, here's all the non-event base 5* heroes that I have in

Finally went through & did a partial update to my spreadsheet. The TMR section is still kaput, but I updated the rest to include all the units that are missing from the TMR tab, & the list of non-event base 5* heroes.

I just pasted them to the bottom of the lists in the template, so you can easily add them to your own by doing the same.

Here's the link:

Every time I see this loading screen, I wonder: Chocobo Races when?

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uspol, institutional racism & privilege, memes Show more

How Democrats created CHIP:

"Everyone should have adequate medical care regardless of income. Let's start by expanding Medicare to include all kids."

*A bunch of donations from Big Pharma later*

"Universal health care is unrealistic. We'll only let half the poor kids have it."

And all of these put together would provide a more long-term fix than just implementing UBI.

Set unemployed rates to be equal to minimum wage & set minimum wage to be equivalent to what UBI would've been.

All of these are capitalist policy ideas. None are socialist/communist in any way because they all still rely on the capitalist economic system.

Reminder that UBI is a capitalist half-measure - a bandage fix for many big capitalist problems that will still exist even after UBI is implemented.

Set maximum house ownership laws so that assholes can't rent out their extra purchases at exorbitant prices to exploit desperate people.

Set maximum wage laws to tie the maximum wage to a specific percentage of all wages so that assholes have to pay more into the company & therefore pay workers more before they can pay themselves more.

I also missed the wizard the first time around & finally got him with one of the previous tickets today. This limited-time collection is now complete.

Ah! I missed him the first time around! This time around, the last day & the last ticket & I got him!

Side note: That netbook has some fan control issues in addition to the screen problem. Even the default Windows XP installation couldn't keep it cool. It shut down w/o warning.

Linux is even worse, though. It doesn't recognize the fan, so it's set at a constant half speed. It recognizes the temp sensor, though, so at least I have that.

I have a small desk fan and putting it on the exhaust makes a world of difference:

Avg temp w/o external fan: 41C
Avg temp w/ external fan: 30C

Laptop screen issues?

No desk?

No problem! Just plug my monitor into the VGA port & plop in bed!

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