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Alicia Summers

🎶 Noooo ooone... pees like ol' Ben
No one craps like ol' Ben
No one understands how restrooms work like ol' Ben 🎶

No one plots like Gaston
Takes cheap shots like Gaston
Plans to persecute harmless crackpots like Gaston

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I have a really good memory for customers. If there's a regular at my store, chances are I know them by sight and name. But I'm very quiet and don't often use names even for friends/family. I just talk in their direction.

But I noticed people assume I don't know them. Even if I see them every day. And then they feel like I don't care, I'm just the person between them and their meds.

So I started greeting everyone I know by name this week. And WOW. I did not realize how much that meant to people, but apparently it's a lot and it completely turns those interactions around.

And I feel really good about it. It's nice making people smile a little.

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Reminder: Someday you'll find someone who cares about you for who you are.

dwarf fortress is the perfect example of an incredibly powerful, deep system with lots of emergent possibility, that very few people can or are willing to interact with because of arcane UI

Reminder: "transtrenders" is a derogatory term created by TERFs who don't understand how genderfluid works.

Nationalism is a form of tribalism. It infers that one nation has benefits - and therefore superiority - that other nations do not.

It's inherently authoritarian as a result, since it naturally places one nation above another. It cannot exist in an anarchist society.

Random reminder that hierarchies suck & need to be abolished.

What do the Muppets & Final Fantasy have in common?

Wakka Wakka!

Part 2 is up.

Part 3 is more introductions & lead-up too, but I gotta do a major rework on it before publishing.

I kinda went overboard with one aspect & I gotta cut it back. I think there's enough drama in the story as it is & this one is... rough. 😅

Each part will be about 1-2 pages long (physical pages, not web pages) with 7-ish parts in total.

If you enjoy it, please let me know. Seeing others enjoy my stuff is my biggest motivator to continue. 😉

I have the first part of my story up as sort of a teaser of things to come.

I would've done it last night, but it's hard to think straight at 2am & I had a few parts to iron out before I felt it was ready. 😅

I plan to spend the rest of the day ironing out the 2nd part to release too. But that's all you'll be getting until the rest is done.

The two parts combined don't have any action in them. Just introducing everyone & getting the plot set up for the real stuff.