I keep seeing the "mastodon is so unsecure don't post private info!!" stuff and I mean, that's true, don't get me wrong. But if y'all think jack and co. don't have access to our DMs as well, lmao.

Again, I'm not saying you SHOULD be all posting private info in DMs; practice safe interneting! It's just, like, this isn't new. That's how it is on most of these sites.

I don't even think FB messages are private? But don't quote me on that.

@eldiste How's that for ultimate irony, btw? Skyrim - a game that people have literally bought over & over simply due to it being ported to a new console - has yet to receive a Linux port.

Steam's version, which prides itself on Linux games, has no Linux version, which means there's no point in even checking anywhere else.

How to tell software has become excessively bloated:

1. Create a partition just big enough to house Windows & all the basic apps & use a 2nd partition for games & stuff.

2. Wait 4 years.

Seriously, I created a 40GB main partition back in 2014 & now, thanks to all the Windows updates & stuff, I actually had to move the swapfile to the 2nd partition cuz I ran out of space.

Even worse, I had to symlink some subfolders from my user folder to the 2nd partition too.


I may or may not have made an abomination just now... (Okay, I totally did. Someone please help me.) twitter.com/yowlenna/status/10

@ratioclub @Julian_Epp Technically speaking, animated avis on birbsite are more a status symbol than anything. It indicates they've been there for a long time and know how things work since the whole reason they could do it was due to users exploiting a bug when uploading avis.

That bug was fixed on all platforms back in 2014 or so & Twitter never officially supported animated avis afaik.

At least that's how I remember it being explained to me.

I haven’t been paid yet and need money to get something to eat.

If you can throw me a couple of dollars that would be helpful and appreciated


@buitro Yup. I watched many friends over there finally take the plunge yesterday. It was awesome and I hope it doesn't stop.

So yeah, just for clarification, it's mastodon.social's server that's being slow due to the influx of new users. The other instances are fine.

I'm probably gonna try to remember where I put that alt account I made a while back, and if not, figure out where I can make a new one.

@urwitchygothmom I've been here for around a year, but I never really used this that often outside crossposts since birbsite was always more active for me. So technically, I suppose I am still a newbie, since I haven't really gotten used to this place yet. haha

@urwitchygothmom Sorry. You're right. My bad. Still haven't completely gotten out of the centralized server system mindset, apparently. XD

The poor Mastodon servers are straining under the heavy load from all the new tootposters...

@eldiste The official project is named TootSuite on GitHub... Just saying.

@helldude ...And get away with it, at least. Unlike Birbsite, the mods here actually do their jobs.

BROKE: slide into your DMs

WOKE: sᴄᴏᴏᴛ ɪɴᴛᴏ ʏᴏ' ᴛᴏᴏᴛs

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