I’m not good at this😹 please follow me @Kittenfish871@bofa.lol

Please follow me here! And if I was following you on this account and I’m not on the other, just let me know! And if you could boost this, that would be great😸

I’m going to make bofa my main but not tonight. I’m too tired and too dumb to figure it out before I fall asleep.

Really hoping my name is never followed by "famous pervert" ... doing all I can to prevent it.

I watched The Curse of the Demon for the 5th time today because I can’t get enough of any movie where people are sneaking scraps of paper into each other’s pockets to ensure that the paper person is killed by a demon. That’s what I’m into.

Look at these lumps. I was gone for two days over the weekend. They’ve figured out that if they stack their bodies on mine, I can’t leave without them. The best part is that I probably missed them more than they missed me😸

She’s being sneaky like she’s getting away with something but she is licking a plate she licked twice last night😸

I would pay someone to scratch my legs while I sleep so I don’t keep waking up insanely itchy. Allergic reactions are a fun trip.

Did anyone on earth have a good first time or was it shit for everybody?

family and politics 

I took this pic this weekend because I’ve never looked this unmelted after hanging out in intense humidity

I’ve slept 14 hours since 7:30 last night but my body hungers for more...

It’s nerf or nothin in the living room so the pups have chosen nothin/taking a nap in my old room💖

Quick little watercolor study of one of my little gremlins

I tried. I tried to sleep in clothes because I’m in my parents’ house and my niece and nephew will be pummeling the door in the morning but everything feels like a straitjacket. Fabric against fabric against fabric. I can’t sleep if I’m not at least a little bit slippery.

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