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I wonder if there's such thing as ultraviolet taste.

Hey guys, two announcements. I am now the owner of r/GopherHoles on reddit! I have also made my own gopherhole if you'd like to check it out too :)

gopherhole: gopher://
gopherhole through http:
r/GopherHoles subreddit:

I wonder if there's such thing as ultraviolet taste.

@Gargron I gotta question... can I have my website ( a mastodon instance AND have a forum at ? Google seems to give me no answers to this...

Sorry, my nine followers but I've been busy playing slime rancher for the past 12 days


What I got for Christmas two years ago: Borderlands triple pack

What I got this year:
11 cassette tapes
A keyboard
A hoodie
A jacket
Bioshock infinite
Bluetooth headphones
A hat
A pop vinyl

$40 in steam gift cards which got me...
Slime rancher
Castle Crashers
Binding of Isaac
Stardew Valley
Goat simulator

Two years ago I got one present, this year I got a total of 15 presents.

It's amazing how much money your family has when your dad stops doing drugs...

Going back from Arkansas. Can't wait to play all the games I got for Christmas


Everyone calls him Satan but that's actually his last name.

His first name is Leslie.


Opinion: there's never a bad time to eat pancakes.

Fact: there's never a bad time to eat pancakes.

I found a band that really resonates with me. They're called "Against Me!"


Ladies, if he:

-never responds to your texts
-goes out of his way to make you feel bad
-multiplies rapidly at temperatures between 68 and 104 degrees

He's not your man. He's a foodborne pathogen.


Yahoo Answers how do I install systemd on Windows 7

I am now the official Birb of Mastodon! Fear me as I... run away because people scare kiwi birbs ;-;

Got myself a custom domain. I don't have any money, so of course it's gonna be a country code domain.

That is the link, I'm gonna be working heavily on this site pushing more content. I think I won't make it look real pretty since I find a charm in it being just plain html :)

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