Thinking about pitching an idea for this Magic Leap thing. I have an app currently under development, kinda stalled, that would work ok, but would require a companion app to work, due to location. Don't think this would be an issue tho

Is there a German word for "annoyed feeling you get while waiting for colleague to get to work so can go out for Coffee, and they're running late?"

Drink this fancy Gin they said. It won't give you a hangover they said. Fucking liars

FFS. Came to school early to get a park, but not early enough it seems. Fucking annoying cos I’m actually here to coach kids, the others are just too lazy to walk

Can anyone confirm if non US MacBook airs are made from 100% recycled aluminium? I don’t want that inferior aluminum in mine

✨📢 We've got an exciting announcement today! We're partnering with our friends at Kickstarter to build a new platform to help artists share their work, build community, and get paid:

I think Mark Richardson would be a perfect fit to be a National MP, if the rumours are true. He's out of touch with the average kiwi, so like I say, perfect fit for National.

going camping for Labour weekend. Hate camping, love talking shit with our buds, so gotta do A to achieve B. That's pretty much adulting in a nutshell. Doing the shit you don't want to, so you can do the shit you do.

Ah man, super sad to hear about Paul Allen. Seemed like a good guy. He even visited Timaru a couple of times. Go out and read his book if you haven't. Good read

I'm addicted to Pams finest cookies, and the supermarket is in far too easy reach when I run out. Pretty much undoes the good work I do by going to XFit...

Spent the day being part of the pit crew for an endurance race. That's way more stressful than racing. I was in control of the fuel rig, so if they ran out of fuel - my fault. At least if I do something wrong on the circuit, it's only effecting my race.

Just watching John Oliver. Think US politics could be fixed by having a maximum age for candidates. No older than 50. Probably should be means tested too. Eg too rich, nup not valid

Watched Top Gun with the kids yesterday. Holy shit, didn’t remember how cringey it was.

Spent the last week or so in the upper SI and Wellington. Internet is pretty rubbish compared to here, I must say. Still better than a lot of countries (looking at you Australia), but back home it's noticeably faster

Releasing an app to the App Store. I haven't done that in an age. Last 3-4 years has been pretty much releasing Enterprise apps.

Remember when Angry Birds was a thing? Seems shooting people in the face is the thing to do these days. Or in my case stand around trying to work out WTF is going on, then get shot in the face

Mark Knopfler AND FoTC release new tracks this week. Excellent week for my eclectic(ish) music tastes

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