I took my homeless and unemployed nephew into my home and all he did was lie to me and abuse my good faith effort to help him.

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If someone tells you they have Borderline Personality Disorder, that should be the last thing you ever believe that comes out of their mouth.

@Klaxun having lived with people who have it it’s definitely a nightmare untreated and treating it is a nightmare because so often they don’t do anything about it...which sounds like the case here :(

@KepTrefler he has gone to therapy, but apparently it didn't help. I know who he is now, and I won't forget.

@Klaxun yeah but if they don’t do exactly what the therapist and doctor says all the time forever it won’t. And they randomly decide they are cured in my experience so it’s a shit show. I’m sorry he hurt you. You didn’t deserve it. It’s really hard to get them to do what they need to do to stop fucking everyone including themselves over. Not impossible but really hard. And not your responsibility imo.

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