"eldiot" (noun)

A person who insists Elden Ring is for everyone, and that you should try it no matter how burnt on souls games you may be.

@Dananner I tried drinking a few caffeinated sodas but it didn't help. I'd been having an outrageous amount of caffeine between cold brew and multiple cups of matcha each day lol

I learned yesterday that caffeine withdrawal is a real thing. In the past, my idea of caffeine withdrawal was, "Oh, I have a migraine because I haven't had my coffee," or "I'm in a bad mood this morning because I haven't had my coffee," or "I went on that killing spree because I haven't had my coffee." But yesterday -- no, it was full on body aches, chills, heart palpitations, and nausea. I felt like I had a weird flu. Of course, I didn't take into account just how much caffeine I'd been having.

Who'd have thought someone named "Young Thug" would end up getting arrested?

I'm worried the birds building a nest over my back patio, right next to the power box and surrounded by string lights, lack the architectural judgment required to be good bird parents.

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DLC completed, putting down Fallout 3 for Xbox for now. It felt good to revisit this game, this time on a 3rd platform with another 50+ hours invested.

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Just to give you an idea of my general level of nerdery, this has been my newest obsession. Well, the little guy in the right....

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Hello, newly acquainted humans! I'm a deeply geeky social worker who loves people... except the people who hate people -- they're, like, sub-people. But not because they live in a sub. I think.

All the other newbies seem to be doing the five favorites thing... and I'm nothing if not a mindless drone! Wooo drones UNITE


Sorry for any confusion, just migrated to the "main" instance.


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