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Hi @sakie339 ...

Just click on the lock in the bar below the reply window...

and select either "unlisted" or "public" among the options.

Just like I did.
This toot will be unlocked, if u notice.

Everyone replying to any of the above toots need to do the same.
Once an option is selected, every reply continue in same mode as previous toot by default.

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Add misunderstandings to the list.
If one cherishes that relationship, one would want to clear up the misunderstanding.
But, for that communication is a must.
One must communicate clearly, talk about it...
If not immediately, maybe after a while, when the tempers or hurt has subsided a bit...

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Birdie birdie...
Kyun karta hai gum itna
Dil khol ke roo le tu chahe jitna
Agar pyaar hai toh wo lautenge kabhi
Udaan bharne de tu unhe abhi.

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Status quo.
That should have it.
Dunno if this opens gates to other sites.
But, how long back in history will this country keep going, that too for structures.
Yes, I said it, structures !!
Faith was supposed to be soul and such.
Why and when did it become structures ??
Peace 🤞✌️

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Oh... This just crossed my mind.

Yahan toot hota ✍️
Dil bhi toots hota hai 💔

Toh kya Dil to toot kardein ?? 🤔🤔

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Meow there Mastodon! :mastodon: :meow:

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We do not serve ads, track or sell your data. Every little bits helps a lot ❤️

A night so dark, I could borrow some black eyeshadow from it.
Silence so thick, i could slice it and serve it on a plate.
Sorrow so deep, I could sell it as tearmakers.
The Holy Trinity as I know it.

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Congratulations to all Indians who stayed on, on mastodon and actually continued to be active here.
Not just linked up and cross posted from Twitter.
I'm definitely not one of them. I am visiting today after almost a year.
So, congratulations to y'all, once again.

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This thread has been buzzing through the day while we have been reaching food to the hungry. We did about 12k meals today and am so tired that every part of my body is sore. Damn the 8PM and the bunch of mindless morons who support him!!

@shinjini @Iwalkalone @KayKap @VivekT @romil @bumbleebee @Shufei @Vishsai @wabbster @pursephoney @musafir @KnottedBow @a_crmdgn @rajagopal @dpreacher @gemlog @cosullivan @viv

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A worldwide Intelligence War has erupted over related Medical Supplies and spies are snatching away orders from other countries from the tarmac directly.

Spread to all well meaning people if they plan to switch off lights in solidarity tom and light candles and diyas...

Its not about fighting Covid-19
It is something else.
So, warn the well meaning nonsanghis... ASAP...

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@KayKap I don't know about other states but in Kerala all these sectors and it's workers were already notified by as essential services. Anyone, not getting enough labourers for harvesting their crop can call the local administration and things would be taken care of. Central Government has issued a statement for that.

@VivekT @shinjini @romil @bumbleebee @Samyukth @Shufei @Vishsai @wabbster @pursephoney @musafir @KnottedBow @a_crmdgn @rajagopal @dpreacher @gemlog @cosullivan @viv

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@KnottedBow I was just wishing for that. More mechanized would be so much better. But supply chain is disturbed too. Logistics has taken a massive hit. half the freight carriers are unorganized sector. Singapore has given a 4-day notice for a lockdown

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@shinjini Which "normal" are we talking about? Economic normal for the self employed is two years away at least. Psychological normal will take more time and as a nation we are finding one reason after another to get divided.
Sorry if I sound pessimistic.
@KayKap @romil @Iwalkalone @bumbleebee @Samyukth @Shufei @Vishsai @wabbster @pursephoney @musafir @KnottedBow @a_crmdgn @rajagopal @dpreacher @gemlog @cosullivan @viv

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I was holding back; but there's going to be no more normal. Mo''s forgotten 1 critical thing - it's harvest time. Wheat & pulses; farmers are dumping harvest into drains & compost pits; shortages are beginning. If this lockdown doesn't ease India is looking at food shortage. Economic recovery, my foot!

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Google & Holi

Go to *Google* and type *Holi*.

Somewhere below on the right-hand side there will appear 2-3 bowls of Colours. Click on them and start tapping all over your Screen.

Then on the top, in the centre, you will see an icon of a Water droplet 💧. Touch that and Water will flow down your screen, "washing off" the Colours.

It's cool to watch. 😊

Happy Holi

Jo/Jyothi boosted @KayKap @KnottedBow @thelonetraveller @Poonamsharma @shinjini @sharadaramanathan @Dinkan "You are gorgeous, and this is the least interesting thing about you."

Saw this in a bathroom stall a couple of years ago. Weird place, yes, but it's true.

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@shinjini @KayKap @KnottedBow @thelonetraveller @Poonamsharma @sharadaramanathan @Dinkan
Thank you!

I hope you all enjoyed the day, or made productive use of it. I went on a bird walk this morning with the Feminist Bird Club (yes, there is such a thing), then saw an exhibit on women's suffrage.

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