What is happening at JNU is an othering of the marginalized. A UC project which wants to keep the poor & marginalized, mostly Dalits, out of education, eternally poor. Not surprising the brahmin-bania BJP is behind it. Such contempt for our kids is astounding

@SabinaBasha Holy shit, she is literally the Indian equivalent of a boomer.

Education is always valuable no matter what subject it is, she can take her neo-luddite garbage and shove it up her ass.

@FreyaManibrandr Absolutely. But that is expected from this lady. She runs a media agency and does propaganda for the fascist majoritarian government of India, who wants to shut down the best university in India because they resist the government.


@SabinaBasha @FreyaManibrandr
What a pathetic being she is !! Want to use expletives.... Not doing that.

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