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Brendan Howell

I need to commission some icons for an open source package manager. If this is the kind of thing you might be interested in (pretty much any style welcome), please ping me.

It pays money. €€€€

yesterday i added this little self care box to my .bashrc and forgot about it; was very happy when it popped up on first log in today.

In light of all the melodramatic hype about "the future", it is a charming irony that one of the more popular uses of 3-D printing turns out to be making replacement parts to keep old equipment running longer.

I love the idea of keybase but in the 3 or so years I've had it installed, I have never used it. Not even once. And it thrashes the disk ever night at 7:30 and demands that I update the software twice a week. Am I missing something amazing?

Here's a user stylesheet snippet you can use to replace hamburger menus with hamburgers:

.fa-bars:before {
content: "🍔" !important;

It doesn't work on everything, not even all websites using Font Awesome (you wouldn't believe how many ways people find to implement the hamburger...) but it occasionally pops up in hilarious places

AI-generated candy hearts Show more

Bowie is alright but kind of obvious. I would likely have opted for Squarepusher in the throbbing red tip of an automotive space phallus. "I'm gonna f*ck you with my red-hot car":

Hey @xuv The other day, I mentioned Identihub, an image asset manager thingy that looks nice for icons and logos:

Image from page 14 of "Dreer's market gardeners' wholesale price list : reliable vegetable seeds, flower seeds, garden requisites, implements, insecticides, etc" (1914)

Image from page 87 of "Phallic worship : an outline of the worship of the generative organs, as being, or as representing, the Divine Creator, with suggestions as to the influence of the phallic idea on religious creeds, ceremonies, customs and symbolism,

A 1920s prediction of the horror and inconvenience that would occur if anyone ever invented a pocket telephone...

I walk into a talk on HTML5 video. Look up the speaker’s company. In their privacy policy, they state that they share personal data for advertising, do not honour Do Not Track, etc. I think I was just confused about #FOSDEM because they mention “free software” and “libré” alongside “open source”. The love affair with #adtech I’m seeing makes sense if they’re just an “open source” conference. So, my bad, it’s just not what I thought it was based on how it brands itself.