the real new feature coming to Pleroma is LaTeX support

And I'm falling asleep
and she's calling a cab
and he's having a smoke
and he's also a crab

"NHS told to ditch 'absurd' fax machines".
Nurses ordered to stop using 'silly old' chairs and desks.
Doctors requested to ditch 'laughably old-fashioned' clothing and wear loin-cloths made of tablet-PCs.

It's been a crazy week with all this "let's vote for Adobe Premiere port to Linux". I kept wondering what free/libre projects can we realistically support financially instead, so I started digging and talking to devs. Here is the result:


Makerspaces in crisis zones are already helping people around the world: Puerto Rico, Haiti, Nepal.

Instead of waiting for expensive western supplies in makeshift tents, the survivors can get tools and start building new houses and infrastructure immediately. This not only makes the help /cheaper/ but also allows the people to feel more empowered and in control, less prone to long-term traumas.

#Solarpunk #making

Sometimes I think all the affection people have for git is basically a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

Interesting. "Ghost Restaurants" which don't exist (with tables and service) but sell delivery. I guess it's not so different from delivery-only pizza joints but this feels contemporary:

People like to pretend that chocolate is some kind of harmless, tasty fun thing, but we need to seriously talk about the risks and dangers too:

47% of packet delivery people who take extra shifts during the Christmas rush are former clowns, comedians or extras in Mel Brooks films.

EDWARD SNOWMAN look out the hotel window at the bussy city. He see's the ppopel moving thru Honk Kong like little points ofg data on the network or some frickin nerd shit like that. He take him glasses off and sheind a tear.

Looks lik ebeing freaking epic,..... has come at a cost

SNWOMAN walk to his bedsite dable. He plug in Amazon Alexa..... one last time.

Alexa...... play in my feelings by drake

You need neither PWA nor AMP to make your website load fast @ - - […] Thing is, web developers don’t believe in performance. They say they do, but in reality, they don’t. What they believe in is hype.  […] #hypedrivendevelopment

I have a possibly heretical suggestion:
### Hash tags are useless. ###
Practically no one (other than social media researchers) does searches or standing queries on them. It's something symbolic you put in a post. It's vaguely important if a mob gets one popular enough to hit the top ten "trending topics" but that usually fades. I pretty much ignore them but am I just a weirdo?

Now live: a new collaboration with Sebastian Schmieg at Roehrs & Boetsch. Say no to curators gatekeeping, forget about the intermediation of the art market, gain direct access to the prestige of the art world.

Arbeit | Nix is in Ordnung

Hartz IV ist die Königsklasse der bürokratischen Demütigung, als Bezieher kann man nur die Nerven verlieren. So wie Marcus und Mirja


Brahma said "after hearing ten thousand explanations, a fool is no wiser." But a well optimized machine learning system only needs a training set with 2500.

Wouldn't it be great if executives who make jerky decisions to save on personnel and, as a result, waste their customers time – if they would be sentenced to the same amount of wasted time instead of being given an obscene bonus?
Judge: "I hereby sentence you, Verizon exec, to spend the next 5 years waiting in line at the DMV for your customers."

Who are these mugwumps at big companies who decide to change the login URL every few years and waste 5 minutes of my time where I have to go digging into my password manager? Why do you do that? Y'all stink.

In vegetarian households they say that somebody has to "bring home the basil".

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