Most people: "would you like to pet my cat / puppy / lizard?"

Sunbeam City comrades: "would you like to water my plants?"

@puffinus_puffinus I'm looking for someone to house sit and both look after my cat, AND plants for two weeks in June. At least I can put the cat in a cattery, but my plants...


@GwenfarsGarden @puffinus_puffinus I had good luck drilling 3-4mm holes in the caps of 1 liter drink bottles and then plugging them in top down in the dirt. With one bottle per plant, 2 weeks was fine. I'm going to try to rig a drip hose this year.

@KnowPresent @puffinus_puffinus with the number of plants I have in pots (c. 50), and being energy poor (I have a chronic illness), this isn't an option sadly.

I hope to eventually sort out something like this, but it isn't possible at the moment

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