I'm looking for first hand experience on photo organizing, best practices, software setup

what I'm trying to do
- organize 100+ GiB photos
- tag them
- have a nice way to back them up
- it's a plus if albums are easy to share through web, in that case it should serve lower resolution versions
- if it could deal with different versions of the same photo that'd be great (handling of RAW+JPEG)
- you know, the usual deal

🔁 welcome

@uint8_t I used digiKam¹ for a while. It got the job done. I'm currently trying Rapid Photo Downloader² which has a nice interface but fewer features. In theory gThumb can do some of this management stuff too but I've only ever used it as a viewer.

1. digikam.org/
2. damonlynch.net/rapid/index.htm

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@KnowPresent as viewer I tend to use xnview; it isn't open source but freeware, and is much faster than anything else I ever tried

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