The Voyager is a recycled, 3D-printed, solar-powered vehicle that will attempt to travel to the south pole. The cabin looks like a subway car from the 1920s.

Bacillaria¹ are nature's suprematists². The single-celled algae form colonies in perfect tidy rows which extend and contract rhythmically, as if they were designed by Malevich.


Solomon Joseph Solomon (cool name!) was a kind of cheesy British portrait artist who joined the Artists Rifles corps in WWI and became a major proponent of various camouflage techniques.

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The producers hoped it might achieve the same success as "A Streetcar Named Desire" but "A River Barge Named Exstase" was a flop with both audiences and critics.

I wish somebody would start a kind of ConstructivistPunk movement based on the 20's sci-fi costume designs of Aleksandra Ekster (

is seriously fun and easy to learn. My students ran a workshop today and I managed to make this:

Grace Hopper showing us how convivial computing works (with the Lucky Strikes on the console!):

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