Yesterday I posted about federated GitHub-like experiences, and a lot of you responded mentioning

Today, Drew DeVault announced their public alpha:


Ce bus-vélo-bar-à-bières nous viendrait de #Chicago.

Trouvé sur FB.

RT Interesting research on creating synthetic fingerprints that can match a large number of real fingerprints. These would be Master Prints, just like we have Master Keys for locks. #GAN


Found reading naughty source code:
// Are your pants a compressed file? Cause I'd love to unzip them.

finished for now. Still need to mess with the keymapping a bit amd get used to the split layout :thinkhappy:

@pixelpaperyarn Ian Bogost wrote a pretty good article about the use of "engineer" in the context of software.¹
Anyway, your project brings up lots of topics that seem super relevant these days, and it's cool that you start it with something personal. Good luck!


@pixelpaperyarn Cool! Personally, I'm skeptical that you can fully apply "engineering" principles to a field that essentially is about arbitrary manipulation of symbols (numerical data) by means of other symbols (code). Some Q's that might draw this distinction more:
How do you validate a design?
How to you ensure reliability of a design?
How much of a design is based on proven, reliable elements and how much is totally new?

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The Voyager is a recycled, 3D-printed, solar-powered vehicle that will attempt to travel to the south pole. The cabin looks like a subway car from the 1920s.

The premier editorial of is pure 🔥: "Capitalism can’t be made more tolerable under present conditions, couldn’t be saved even if we wanted to, and won’t be voted away. Commune starts here, from these practical recognitions."

Criteria for good software: uses almost no CPU or RAM; does almost no I/O; is so stable it never changes; is actively maintained and has all the latest features anyone's ever wanted; works on 1980s computers; does not cost money, or have ads, but makes enough money that its developers can work on it full time.

The things one learns, reading people's complaints about software.

If you've purchased a non-refundable discount ticket, the Deutsche Bahn would like to say "WE HOPE YOU MISS YOUR TRAIN SUCKER!"

@crickxson @xuv Yah! Lets do it. February would be good for me too. I can maybe host a small group in berlin.

@xuv @crickxson I was thinking the same thing. Would be great to have a kind of utopian bullshit session and sketch out a bunch of ideas and interfaces in all directions.

@xuv I don't mean to be pessimistic. I actually like and respect most of these projects. But I think that, while Mastodon (& Pleroma) started as birdsite clones, they really started going strong when they realized that their greatness is in how they are _different_ from the birb. I suspect that people will also realize that you can steal ideas from insta, medium, reddit, etc, etc. and make really cool hybrid stuff. And since APub is just a protocol, it will enable lots of diverse interfaces.

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