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For anyone interested in doing experiments in Artistic Operating Systems. Here's some nice python code for a super-minimal Desktop Environment:

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Hi all,

Do any of you who are working in formal education *and* using third
party platforms to work with your colleagues and students, have been
informed by your employer about possible restrictions on such practices
due to GDPR?

With platform I mean network software that can store/publish personally
identifiable information (PII), and by third party I mean anything from
self-hosted homebrew initiatives to dodgy SaaS. Basically anything that
is not provided by your employer. It could be a git repos hosted at your
home, the mailing list provided by a friendly collective, a chat system
from a commercial company, a free as in beer wiki service from a peer
organisation, a public pad, your own bricolage cloud hosted in a
commercial data centre, etc.

I'm asking because where I work, we were just warned that starting
Friday, any communication with the students outside of the university's
existing email services and portals, has to stop. I have the impression
that such a blanket rule is an attempt to streamline their GDPR
compliance as part of the existing student/staff agreements, instead of
seeing how each course/syllabus could be made GDPR compliant based on
the mixed bag bricolage of tools and services every teacher and staff
are relying on to do their work. Admittedly, making the later compliant
could be quite a burden.

We don't have much details yet, and am hoping this will only concern
the circulation of official administrative documents, and won't affect
the course organisation itself or the way we work and make public our
projects and practices.

If you are in a similar situation and heard something about your
employer or are knowledgeable about the impact of GDPR on formal
education when the latter makes extensive use of third party platforms
(free software or not), I would love to hear from you

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I make art with maths/algorithms, image/videos/audio/etc. Mostly using Free Software on computer, physical drawings sometimes.

I live-code audio in the C programming language for performance, last performance was at THSF#9, Toulouse, next performance is at LAC, Berlin.

I'm the current maintainer of Kalles Fraktaler software, recently released the 2.13 branch with experimental features (but so far it is slower at rendering than the 2.12 branch).

Based in London, UK.

With all this talk about #Electro music in the press lately, I present to you my personal opinion on the history of the genre. The 2.5 hour mix starts in 1978 and works its way through the years, documenting an important track for (almost) every year up to 2016. Chronologically ordered and ready for your consumption. Enjoy!

When the ICE hits around 250km/h the electricity poles go by at around 125 BPM.

@shadow8t4 Fandom culture is the quintessence of commodity fetishism now that #latestagecapitalism has commodified culture itself.

RT "Google was not built for me.
And after two years here, I've finally learned that Google will never grow to be a place for me either." - Sarah Adams open letter / resignation from Google

Successfully blew through my Saturday evening and built KDE 1 on Solaris 2.6 on my SPARCstation 20.

I'm way more excited about hieroglyphics in Unicode than emoji.

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