@ to all KNZKGANG
Since trouble occurred in the server of and it is currently being confirmed, I want you to wait until it recovers.
Because we are also working hard, forgive me🙇

@Knzk take your time and do your best! we will be with you when it is done! ✌️

Thank you😂
I am aiming for recovery today👊
I want to give a celebration with KNZKGANG after restoration🍻

sometimes things just happen! thank you for working on this

I am pleased to understand👍
Please rest assured that you will recover with full power!!!

@Knzk It's Sunday. It's a holiday here (U.S.) so your efforts are doubly beyond the "call of duty." Stuff happens and I'm not leaving knzk. You'll be back.

I will be saved if you say so.
I think that Mastodon is not a company but an individual with good intentions.
That is why we want to be well.
However, there are limitations because it is done free of charge.
I am grateful to KNZKGANG who understands it and I am very pleased.

@Knzk You should not have any feelings that you've let anyone down. Problems happen and no one is looking to blame anyone. We are grateful for what you provide. I wish I had the extra funds (any funds at this point) to assist. Thank you again.

Stay safe Knzk! Be well!

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