There was a problem with the server.
Now that it has recovered safely, you can log in!

We never blow off the data or leave the instance halfway.
KNZK GNAG is immortal👍

Please be assured that Knzk.me will surely be resurrected.

This is supposed to be an alt until knzk.me is up again; of course that depends on IF knzk gets up again.

I will be saved if you say so.
I think that Mastodon is not a company but an individual with good intentions.
That is why we want to be well.
However, there are limitations because it is done free of charge.
I am grateful to KNZKGANG who understands it and I am very pleased.

knzk.me is still down. The page loads but not the data. Database down?

if you see me posting/boosting/faving from this account, it's only because knzk is currently down


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