Born May 27, 1935 in Chicago, Illinois, many might ask why we are highlighting this man who is well known as a jazz pianist. Don't forget that he had several singles cross over into the Top 40 charts including "The 'In' Crowd" that hit number 5 in October 1965. So, on his 86th birthday, KoHoSo Radio 66 salutes...

Ramsey Lewis!

Robert Allen Zimmerman was born May 24, 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota. Of course, there's no suspense for most of you who that is so let's just get right to it and wish a happy 81st birthday to one of the most important songwriters of all time...

Bob Dylan!

We used to have a lot of listeners in Ukraine before February 24th. This is the first one we've seen since then. It is truly bringing a tear to our eyes that, with all that has happened, somebody there is choosing to listen to our station. 🇺🇦

Are you using Mastodon through a computer?

Do you wish there was a multi-column TweetDeck-style interface?

There is! It's called the "advanced web interface" and you can activate it any time you want. It lets you add many specialised columns, subscribe to hashtags and all kinds of stuff suited to large wide displays.

Log into the website, go to Preferences > Enable Advanced Web Interface, tick the box and click "Save Changes".

(To restore the default single column interface, do the same thing but untick the box instead.)

This used to be the default interface on Mastodon, and very old articles about the platform will have screenshots of the multicolumn interface.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #TweetDeck #FediTips #Interface

Sadly a mostly forgotten artist, this gentleman made some great songs in the early days of Motown. This includes his original version of "Devil With the Blue Dress" that was later made a bar band staple by Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels.

Born May 20, 1940 in Birmingham, Alabama, today we salute...

Shorty Long!

Our website is back online after our web host had a server failure. Thanks for your patience!

We just discovered that our website is down. Please be patient while we work with our web host to get it back online. If our site is how you normally access our stream, you can use our page on Live365 or at most of the major third-party streaming directories.

Born May 18, 1911 in Kansas City, Missouri, we don't believe it can be overstated how much this singer contributed to what became rock & roll. Let's celebrate, remember, and salute...

Big Joe Turner!

Born May 18, 1912 in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, this crooner went on to have a career that spanned half a century. So, on the 110th anniversary of his birth, we salute...

Perry Como!

BTW, +1 internets for anybody that can identify our header picture without looking it up.

Over 9000 internets to anybody that can identify it with a quote. 😉

This morning here in SoCal, we are working on a new promo announcement to promote our presence here on @Mastodon. Igor is going to be a part of it so we hope you'll really enjoy it.

We believe we found and changed all the links to "the bird site" on our website to our Mastodon Social page. If you see we missed one, please let us know.

For any of you having display issues with our Roku channel, check to see if your box or stick needs a software update.

Stevland Hardaway Morris was born May 13, 1950 in Saginaw, Michigan. While his most important work was done after the era of music we play on the station, there's no doubt his early songs are great as well. In fact, he's now known as a musical genius. Happy birthday to the man we all know as...

Stevie Wonder!

Born May 13, 1943 in Detroit, Michigan, this great singer was both the artist most responsible for putting Motown Records on the map and being the first of its big stars to rebel against Berry Gordy, Jr.'s management style...

Mary Wells!

Richard Steven Valenzuela was born May 13, 1941 in Pacoima, California. Despite tragically being able to make only a very few recordings, his influence still continues to this day. Of course, we all know him under another name as today we salute...

Ritchie Valens!

This artist might have been young when he first hit the music scene but he was just old enough to have two hits released while leading the Spencer Davis Group before the end of our cut-off year of 1966. Born May 12, 1948 in Birmingham, England, today we salute...

Steve Winwood!

Due to the fact that Twitter no longer allows those without an account to view more than a few tweets before requiring a reader to log in, KoHoSo Radio 66 is moving all of its microblogging activity here to Mastodon. We will introduce ourselves more fully here later as time allows. For now, just know we are a NON-COMMERCIAL online oldies radio station. We are not here to spam or flood. We simply want ALL people to be able to get our updates without having to give away personal information.


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