Just a general reminder to anyone following me at the moment I am moving over to another instance. I can now be found here:


Please feel free to follow me there and I will follow you back if you're a mutual or possibly follow you anyway. :3

Question: Does soft blocking akin to the way it works on Twitter also work on Mastodon instances?

@grime_witch@witches.town hey could you unfollow this account and follow me at awoo.space/@konomikitten

I'm moving accounts.

The slow march of getting everyone onto my awoo.space account is go ~

@Efi hey sorry to bother do you mind unfollowing this account and following me over at awoo.space/@konomikitten

Just letting everyone know due to uploading images breaking to often on Mastodon.social and other misc' reasons I'll be moving over to awoo.space/@konomikitten over the coming few weeks.

I'll follow up mutuals and move everyone over to that account in time by mentioning you etc.

Will obviously keep uploading cute anime images there and whining about my life thehe.

@vahnj sorry to bother but I was thinking of moving over to awoo.space just have a couple of questions:

1. Looking at my profile do you think I'd fit in on your instance?

2. Is your server robust and not going to have 500 Internal Server Errors when I upload images? (Really important I like upload images frequently)

3. Your rules seem robust already so I'm no concerned about that hehe.

4. Are technical issues handled quickly?

Oh look image uploading is broken yet again, fun.

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