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3 still lives in : the Trinity . Take a look: trinitydesktop.org/index.php in free and open source you can revisit the past.

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There are some easy to run historic versions of plasma virtual machines, check them out: 25years.kde.org/

*"As is well known, the Universe was born 14 billion years ago. Then nothing much happened until KDE popped into existence on the 14th of October of 1996... That's when stuff really kicked off."*

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Here is an update on the progress of mainline support for the Librem 5 phone and its development kit
➡️ New drivers for camera
➡️ Power-saving features
➡️ Better battery saving features and more!

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The #Kdenlive team have managed to make KDE's full-featured video editor work on macOS. There is now a nightly version of Kdenlive you can test:


Be advised that Kdenlive for Mac is beta software and not recommended for production.

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The KDE Community never rests: Plasma - 25th Anniversary Edition has been out less than a week, and devs are already working on the next version. Picture of the Plasma 5.24 kickoff meeting incoming!

Una de las cosas que más me gusta de @kde es que: sin importar cuál distribución utilice siempre está disponible el tema breeze para aplicar, aparte de la que viene configurada por la distribución (branding) significa que no tengo que instalar otra sesión para poder obtener el "vanilla look and feel" de 😸💟⚙️

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Plasma 25th Anniversary Edition is here! It brings a glossier Breeze theme, a beautiful new wallpaper, new features, faster and re-designed tools and much more.



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🎉 Happy anniversary KDE! For this occasion, I painted this artwork (using #krita on #kubuntu, of course).
→ The party continues on 25years.kde.org/

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Sorry for the late, but Happy 25th Anniversary @kde !

I like Arch and also Arch based distributions, those are pretty awesome! Thank you Arch developers and community in general for this great Linux based operating system.

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#tilvids video of the day - It's Finally Here! (Librem 5 Unboxing/Review) 📱

(follow @pizzalovingnerdtilvids for more great Linux and open-source content!)


#Linux #OpenSource #PeerTube

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Today is the day! — Nitrux 1.6.1 is available to download

We are pleased to announce the launch of Nitrux 1.6.1.

Check the changelog of the most recent version of Nitrux at our blog, link below.


#Nitrux #Changelog #Release #MauiKit #AppImage #News

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