I have a serious problem. Through other's actions (idiots that live in my house) I am under criminal investigation. I need a damn good defense attorney. Do you know of a lawyer in Austin, Tx? Any recommendations are appreciated. My husband will pay, so not worried about the fees, just need legal help. But, don't want a bad attorney. Let me know if you guys have an idea! THanks!

@TonyStark Thank you, Tony, for keeping us together across many spaces.

And a big thanks to us and anyone in the world who helped this win happen. It matters.

I used to hear this one when I was younger.
'Make a temple unto the Lord within thine own heart& always he shall be with you.'

Who needs a megachurch? Worship at home. Most deities won't even care if you're still in your PJs.

Happy Thanksgiving! We are doing an Avengers movie marathon while cooking turkey!

Watching Biden’s nominees speaking today was like watching the Avengers assembling.

The Republican Party does not care about Black voters. They'd rather take what they can get at the margins and try to stop us in from voting in the large urban areas.

Republicans will never again win the popular vote in a presidential election. They make zero effort to expand their base while the country continues to slowly, but inextricably move to the left. We have to vote blue on all levels.

Republicans Rewrite an Old Playbook on Disenfranchising Black Americans:


They had brunch and now everyone in the family is sick and mom is in the hospital. Stay home. #StayTheFuckHome

I now believe that if Democrats put out an air raid siren, a portion of the country would go outside to protest and then deny the fallout was landing on them.

The director of the Center for Health Security at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health on Sunday said that the current wave of coronavirus cases is worse because Americans are not “acting with common purpose”:


The Michigan Idiots just said a two week delay should happen to audit Wayne County. Dammit! I don't want to be right, but those f@ckers are trying to help Trump pull off a successful coup. We'll see if AZ, NV and GA try the same crap.


We can all live one year without a Thanksgiving outside of who we already are quarantined with, if anyone. The holiday is just not worth our lives. 

So let's all follow the CDC's advice. 👍

We can hang around in the Fediverse!

Anyone have a good idea to sell art online besides Etsy? Amazon Handmade accepted me, then closed my account before I could post my store. Lost all my in person gigs and I am hurting.

Trump’s firing of Krebs is yet another act undermining our democracy and elections. And not one GOP Senator will stand up to the President over it.

Why? Because Krebs wouldn't turn millions of Biden votes into Trump votes. I wonder if he realizes that firing Krebs still isn't going to make him win.

Trump fires director of Homeland Security agency who had rejected President's election conspiracy theories -

@TonyStark @phillyaccent I would love to go just one single day without thinking about how the government has fucked us over that day. Just one. It hasn’t happened in nearly four years.

Well, this is funny because the American people are busy at work about to fire Trump.

Trump is imploding. That's all that's going on. He saw the Hunter Biden emails as a last ditch game changer that is ho-hum to everyone else. The president's hat is empty, he's out of rabbits, and he's probably going to become even more erratic over the next 2 weeks. Keep working. #VoteHimOut #WayOut

Trump weighs firing FBI director after election as frustration with Wray, Barr grows:

Join a phone or text bank today to #Texas voters and help get out the vote!

Early voting last began Tuesday in Texas and ends October 30th, so calls/texts made now will reach potential voters who could cast their ballots that same day.

Contacting is to ALREADY IDENTIFIED Dems and making sure they vote! You can participate from inside or outside of the Lone Star State. :tx:

Help #FlipTexasBlue! #GOTV #BlueWave2020

Texas Democratic Party - Organizing Events · Mobilize

Sara Gideon (Maine) – saragideon.com

Gary Peters (Michigan) incumbent – petersformichigan.com

Mike Espy (Mississippi) – espyforsenate.com

Steve Bullock (Montana) – stevebullock.com

Cal Cunningham (North Carolina) – calfornc.com

Jaime Harrison (South Carolina) – jaimeharrison.com

MJ Heger (Texas) – mjfortexas.com

Dr. Al Gross (Alaska) - dralgrossak.com

:voteblue: #FlipTheSenate

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Here's a list of candidates that you can help with any contribution (financial or time) you can make.

Doug Jones (Alabama) incumbent – dougjones.com

Mark Kelly (Arizona) – markkelly.com

John Hickenlooper (Colorado) – hickenlooper.com

Raphael Warnock (Georgia) – warnockforgeorgia.com

Jon Ossoff (Georgia) – electjon.com

Theresa Greenfield (Iowa) – greenfieldforiowa.com

Dr. Barbara Bollier (Kansas) – bollierforkansas.com

#FlipTheSenate 3/5

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