I get text messages from Democrats promoting their campaigns in Texas but I’m not a Democrat and I never proffered my digits to any Democratic organization. I’ve only donated to Bernie, Tulsi and the late Sen. Gravel.

This means either Bernie Sanders or Act Blue turned over my contact info to a voter file any Texas Democrat including Bitchass Beto can access. I’ve also received solicitations on my fucking front door from so-called “progressive” Dem candidates.

They can fuck all the way off.

I took an eight month break away from following politics but it’s good to know that the entire Democratic Party still shits on progressives and is still rigging primaries by any means necessary.

You’ll never get the time back that you spend practicing the literal definition of insanity expecting some kind of progress in the Democratic Party.

In other news, my one rep max on the incline benchpress is now 365.

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White fragility is protected on Facebook.

Don’t tell someone crying about Confederate statues that their ancestor was lower than the slave because the slave had value to the rich man in their ancestor sure as hell did not even if they had the same complexion as the rich man.

My last suspension was a redneck said I “love to suck black dick for the taste” which FB didn’t censor but I said he was so fat he had titties on his back and I got suspended for 3 days for posting “sexual content”.

Brunch is on!
Now white liberals can go back to not giving a fuck just like they did the last time Biden was in the executive branch.

I like how five minutes after Biden wins Jim Clyburn and everyone at CNN is shitting on progressives saying how they almost got Trump reelected.

The days of Trump bashing are over and now it’s time to bash progressives exclusively.

In keeping with tradition, I participated in the democracy delusion with 0 hope, enthusiasm or expectations.

Let’s hope the militias don’t start a civil war encouraged by their dear leader, Spray Tan Jesus.

I guess Bernie turned over his phone and email list because I’ve been contacted by Beto O’Rourke wanting to confirm my voter registration like this motherfucker is the state of Texas instead of some loser who is rich enough to fail upwards consistently and another group contacted me yesterday asking if I would vote for Joe Biden and down ballot Democrats were I told them to fuck off, they didn’t try to earn my vote, they want George W Bush’s vote so he’s their Texas vote and not me. 🖕

Can we pass a law to make Nancy Pelosi spit out her nicotine gum before she goes on camera so she doesn’t sound drunk or like her dentures are loose?

There isn’t a video of her in the last 20 years without nicotine gum in her mouth and I know it’s nicotine gum because what the fuck else could it be.

I get the official results on Tuesday but after four days of fever, headache, nausea,
sleeplessness and now chest pain I’m pretty sure my daughter and I both have COVID-19.

I wore an N 95 everywhere so either the N 95 was faulty or I touched something and then touched my phone and forgot to clean it.

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CNN be like "should the US invade Venezuela? let's welcome on our panel of former CIA officials, weapons contractors, and neoconservative think tank experts."

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Masks do NOT limit your oxygen supply. Believe it or not you can squat 405lbs 100 times with an N95+ mask on your face like I did this afternoon.

I have broken bones in my left foot and still squatted 45,000 pounds combined and didn’t drop dead.

Apparently someone can call you pussy and it’s OK but if you respond by talking about the size of their back fat and underarm titties then you get a timeout.

People who said I like Black dick and other shit didn’t have their post removed I guess I deserve this because I said I wouldn’t even take a piss in the state of Mississippi for 20 years because they flew a confederate flag on their state flag.

99% were not wearing a mask when I went to the gym here in N Dallas and that’s why our hospital beds are full.

I wore a carbon filter mask to protect me from the 99%... hey... I’m the 1%! 😃

So the message they are trying to send us is that we should all bring AK-47s to protests like the crazies do when they protest otherwise we’re going to get shot in the face, cracked over the head, old people are going to be fucked up, gassed like Auschwitz and kids will be maced in the face.

That’s a pretty fucking stupid message... but so is brutalizing police brutality protesters and proving all of our points on live TV for the entire fucking planet to see.

The 82nd Airborne is at Andrews and just issued bayonets to stab American citizens yet the only military branch to train with bayonets in the last 30 years are Marines.

✅ Medicare For All
✅ Free Pre-K thru 4yr college
✅ Green New Deal
✅ Fuck the 2 party dictatorship!!!


When a 150 pound cop gets knocked the fuck out by 220 pound skateboarder!

The cameraman sucks but you can you hear the cop’s head hit the fucking car. ☠️


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