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The per unit cost of electricity supplied by CESC is exorbitant!
Considering there is no competition they charge whatever they feel like.
There is surplus electricity production in Bengal the reason being there is no Industrial establishment.
Yet the cost is very high.

Cyclone bulbul has caused water logging in many areas of kolkata mainly Khiddirpore area.

So people are asking what is boosting & what am doing.

Well simply put boost = RT

Why am I doing it? I came in early when people were moving to Mastodon so got a lot of followers. So if I boost your posts, 1.7k active folks can actually read it, this is just to help people find each other

Why am I asking for bio: fuck the influencers ,here it is purely content based so everyone is equal,no blue ticks,no nothing,so if you introduce yourself likelihood of more ppl following you

Effect of Cyclone bulbul is being felt in West Bengal. In the district of Howrah heavy rain has started.

Morning, all. Glad to find some of you have actually come over from my other pages. Hopefully, more will show up.

Thrilled to report, I can't hear the usual incessant social-media drone of words being sharpened in the distance.

@Mastodon , you were needed.

We want to add a moderator who speaks Hindi to the mastodon.social team. Must uphold our code of conduct, must stick around on Mastodon, some monetary compensation is included.

Apply over DM or reply. Will try to get through the applications in the following days (I’m not home though)

Hey! I have been around Mastodon for a while but haven't posted anything yet. I decided to create a new account and actually post some things, so here goes my post.

I am currently associated with a Pharmacy college in India as Assistant Professor and I like to travel and shoot photos

This community is for history, heritage , culture of Bengal in MeWe: The Next -Gen Social network
I want you to join my group on MeWe: mewe.com/join/heritageofbengal


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