I wonder if there's a good instance in specific for musicians?

I think I'm going to split into three instances. One main, one kinky, and one for songwriting / music production stuff.

@noiob Hey! Does your instance have room for one more? No pressure.

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@KristianCollie The chest vanishes, revealing its contents:
a pile of dust

Office drama, politics 

Just learned that the Linux admins at my workplace have nicknamed me "snowflake" when I'm not around. Lol they're like 50, how pathetic.

Noisy post-punk, politics 

I just found this album on Bandcamp and it's far from subtle but it's VERY good


Trying to figure out which instance to permanently stay on is really stressing me out for some reason.

I have CHANGED MY MIND about posting that art here. I will re-post it if I can fix it well enough.

My greatest dream right now is to contribute to the Sad Gay Goth music scene that's been emerging in Salt Lake City.


It's like a little reward for going out and doing things all week.

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