@Krita_artists didn't you were into krita, we should talk someday about it ;)

@bull500 @Krita_artists yup, seems we have similar interests. I use though but very basic ;)

@shirishag75 @Krita_artists I settled mainly with krita to draw(avg for now 😅)
I've used Inkscape for professional work few years back, now I've moved onto code.
Realized Im not actually creative except for vehicle design and landscape stuff(which I can't draw well) 😅
Gimp is interesting, it's powerful but really depends on your use case.
MyPaint is great for quick sketches and I find it much faster than krita
I'm hoping to learn up freeCAD tho, it's always been on my radar.

@bull500 @Krita_artists wow, you are in it much deeper than it than I am. I have played with them, but not really a drawing person. I did play with blender as well, extrusions and stuff but just like that.

@bull500 @Krita_artists I know freecad is touted as the big next thing and have been following it on and off. I think the Debian Maintainer/DD maintaining the package is the upstream developer. IIRC, he was able to raise some funds as well as get the package in GSOC so others could also contribute. It is need for people who are looking for cad generation software. 2/n

@shirishag75 @Krita_artists airbus Iirc was accepting talent who had used freeCAD in the past. If freeCAD gets a solid assembly framework there's no stopping it. There are assembly supported versions out there now.

My 3d journey was hard. I started off with modelling cars instead of simple stuff. 😅 Some I did really well but abandoned mid way due to stuff coming up in life.

@bull500 @Krita_artists that's news to my ears. Didn't know that airbus were looking for people who knew freecad. When was this, can you find some more info. about this ?

@shirishag75 @Krita_artists I saw this long back(2-3yrs) alongside Catia on their hiring platform, don't know if they continue the practice now.
You'll have to keep checking job descriptions

@bull500 @Krita_artists no worries. It's not for self but usually in blog posts if something interesting like this is there, I usually make a point to mention it so it's good for students :)

@shirishag75 @Krita_artists it all started with Maya - 3ds max(crash haven) - blender 1.0 or maybe even lower version (I remember launching it and shutting it down instantly coz of the UI - little did I realize it would be the best UI for productivity later on)
Started off on 3D when I was 13 or so and just kept moving. I now code small time.
I want to create actual physically engineered products someday. Hopefully open source it later on as well 😊

@bull500 @Krita_artists if you ever go product way, would ask you go foss from day 1 rather than later. You can always productize it later for commercialization. There are many examples of how that can be done successfully.

@shirishag75 @Krita_artists in physical products I find its hard, everything is capital based and it's hard to start off or continue without solid $ backing in our current society

@bull500 @Krita_artists depends entirely on what you are doing. There is a game called mars-sim, Being done by friends of mine. I help them out now and then, see how they have been able to raise funding.

@bull500 @Krita_artists

they are trying to make a more realistic sim of how life will be on mars if people truly think of colonizing which is much harder than shown in games. Makes for some interesting conversations and such.

@bull500 @Krita_artists although lately haven't had time due to flossexperiences.wordpress.com but now that have tackled the issues, probably next week will be getting into it. I also have yet to hear Dennis Muilenburg Boeing testimony, I heard that created some more questions and controversy. The full video is on youtube. The youtube hash wrpXLrDoGuw

@bull500 @Krita_artists they were able to get funding from mars society and such. Even if you run after VC's and say you are doing a FOSS project, there is possibility that they may say yes, especially if your product is gonna be cross-platform. Of course, if you are in bangalore or some city, people are more than willing to give GNU/Linux stuff a chance.

@shirishag75 @Krita_artists hopefully times changes, open-source hardware is growing.
I'm talking of projects like cars/bikes production. From r&d, manufacturing and sales.

@bull500 @Krita_artists I know but in India it's in infancy. I know of 3D printing but haven't seen much headaway unlike China.

@shirishag75 @Krita_artists wished more govts pushed for open hardware and design. Our univ and colleges are very limited and putting info into the public domain should bring together like minded people to build something better for humans

@bull500 @Krita_artists I know IIT-B in Mumbai and COEP in Pune have been doing stuff, some others as well but efforts are too small and scattered.And now with attacks on funding and all, innovation is for propritary models only. But things will change for sure.

@shirishag75 @Krita_artists yeah True! Looks of great minds in our country just waiting for the right guidance and boost

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