suggestive candy (for nerds) 

The convenience store now sells what are essentally Long Gushers, but somehow with more lewd name: Filled Ropes.

The sportsbook of the brand-new downtown casino was just flooded by a torrent of rain piercing through a television screen. Kinda epic.


Throwing away a depressing amount of uncooked marinated meat because we do not have our lives together. FML.

Just checking to see if they sold their Joy Division shirt still. It was very good. "Pizza Division"

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Googling a local pizza place/bar: Oh hey, they have their own website nice. *click*

Website: [Unskippable flash intro of LOUD MOTORCYCLES REVVING with no mute button]

Me: :((((((

This is not the one who was strangled and set on fire in the second film, I hope.

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Reading up on everyone's favorite laser-free, four-legged kaiju Anguiras, and here's the copy-paste of his nicknames from the wiki:

Fierce Dragon (暴竜 Bōryū)
Godzilla's Companion
(ゴジラの仲間 Gojira no Nakama)
Famous Partner
(名コンビ Meiconbi)

I mean I can't find any tangible categorization for it, but it happens with mecha, people, li'l creatures, and giant monsters:

Voltron, Goku/Vegeta, DQ Slimes, and apparently Titanosaurus from Terror of Mechagodzilla was gonna be two monsters that combined.

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I've been trying to research why there's so many instances of fusion in Japanese fiction, like when multiple smaller creatures form a larger monster. What is that?

Grotesque Feline Abomination

This is a solid favorite: Cat-X Premium, a six-eyed calico with scales and arm-spines.

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Today I learned about Skull Head Butt, a line of vinyl figures from Marmit that's simply the coolest bunch of miscreants.

Be ready for slight body horror maybe if you google.

Look, you can have a $200, fully-articulated, movie-accurate figure from SH Monsterarts, OR

A glittery pink and gold Gigan, and a rainbow-hued Mechagodzilla.

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Getting lost in the history of the old Godzilla toys from Bullmark/Marmit/etc. They are all extremely goofy and wildly-colorful in their variants.

There's something about certain colors of injection-molded plastic that really pleases the sensory goblins.

Anyways, they're all prohibitively expensive but fun to look at.

@Kujaku I will free him one day when the world needs him the most- and ruin his collectability in the name of having a neat guy.

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Thinking about my favorite gas station sign I've ever seen:

Jesus Love You
Indian Taco


[Taking the straw out of the hard-frozen coffee, letting the icy coffee tube slide out.]

"Core sample."

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