I have an addiction to food and it's ruining my life, I don't know if anyone'll see this but


If violent video games make people violent then by that same principle the human trafficking industry is gonna skyrocket in a few years from all the people playing Japanese anime mobile gacha games about "collecting waifus"

thanks for comin on down to my ted talk, like and subbibe

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Broke: calm your tits

Woke: arresticle your chesticles

Bespoke: slammory your mammaries

I kinda feel like Elon Musk's and it's tunnels for rapid transit are addressing the symptoms of bad urban planning rather than the problem. Any people here able to shed some light on this? (I have negative education on the subject)

Why did I waste so much time pretending to hate the things I love?

Where my people at? -on

Reply with your favorite Kyoani !!

I'll start - without a doubt it's A Silent Voice. Incredible movie. Beautiful and depressing and overwhelmingly unforgettable.

There's pizza downstairs but my brother and his dudebro friends are watching football and yelling. I'm so hungry I WANT that pizza what do I do

Any anitwitter people here?

Here's my top 10 anime, follow me if we have similar tastes!

Your Name
A Silent Voice
Princess Mononoke
Gurren Lagann
Madoka Magica
Tamako Market/Love Story
Your Lie In April

Let's be mutuals! ✨

The posts you see on this site are fucking wild. I just saw someone post an entire advertisement for an apartment rental


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