Titan Quest looks fun, very subtle history introduction throughout. Looking for a chill stream? Drop by and say hi to Frodo!

Nier Automata Fan Art 

Another Nier Automata sketch in Procreate - I love this game! And the music is incredible!

See it live at twitch.tv/kratomgaming today

Nier automata is a gorgeous and disturbing game. I don’t think I’ve seen one with such smooth and varied gameplay. And that music!

Catch it at twitch.tv/kratomgaming

I’m getting used to Procreate brushes and layers, finally! Happy with this robot!

Dragon Quest Builders 2 - a good intro to both Dragon Quest stories *and* Minecraft? What do you think?

Stop by and say hi and let me know if you agree in chat :-)


Twitch has been fab for maintaining social connections during isolation and when low on spoons.

Come and stop by, say hi and vote on KratomGaming's next game - 250 followers, congrats! 🐉💚 twitch.tv/kratomgaming

‪Been playing in Procreate learning to create dragon icons for my friend - it ain’t as easy as I thought! ‬

‪See them in use at twitch.tv/KratomGaming

In this month's Learned Words newsletter over on , a roundup of the & study resources, and an update on various creative projects. What topic or questions would you like covered next?


Blood pressure medication curiosities 

Didn’t expect blood pressure meds to do a number of things:

- make me cold through to my core with chills all the time.
- help me breathe deeply, and without pain.
- help me sleep better and need less of it.
- give me a bit more energy (on some days, not all yet though - it’s still early days in the ramped dosage schedule).

What can I do about these terrible chills though?!

Day three of a severe headache that has ruined my sight. The scaled display setting makes text larger, but form fields don’t change size. Ermmmmm

A dodgy cervical spine makes everything so much harder to do. I wonder if fusing c1-3 would actually work? Not that anyone would suggest that - in this area, homeopathy is king.

Reshuffled the tiers in my Patreon - Chatters now get regular lesson plans, conversations prompts and an extra chat.

I hope these will lighten the prep load of English language teachers. Let me know what resources and topics you want to see!


Researched the legal use of visual media in a commercial setting - I’m convinced 100% of companies could be sued, & microstock sites are honeypots.

- model releases for anyone vaguely identifiable: silhouette/tattoo/birthmark/...
- in the EU, void rights to privacy: GDPR & Personality Rights
- property releases: for *everything* owned
- trademarks scrubbed: those companies don’t endorse you
- copyright-violation-free: books/artwork/photos/...
- current commercial license from original creator

‪A course here and there, an occasional textbook or audio program, even living here in Germany - none of these really helped German stick in my tired brain.

Only once I started intentionally immersing myself every day, did I start to see huge improvements.

I’ve detailed the tools I have used and currently use in this guest blog post, hosted by LingoDeer.


How fast can you find all of the Australian animals in this ?

The fastest was an English teacher in Japan - just 19 minutes!

New word searches and are available each month on - patreon.com/posts/animals-in-w

Trying to work out how far up the foot the sock should come before I start on the heel....

New to - May not have been the best idea to start with toe-up socks as a first ;-)

Looking for easy or activities for homework tasks? Word search puzzles and crosswords work well to familiarize students with new vocabulary.

Here’s one for a travel-themed lesson: patreon.com/posts/tourist-word

Grrr at health setbacks 

A rough week, full of ibuprofen and PPIs. Fluid on the lungs, shingles, and a pinched nerve at just the right spot in the spine feel roughly the same. Kinda glad it was the pinched nerve, even though it was more painful.

#teaching - how do you keep teen interest alive in #language classes? 

The main problem most students face is motivation/interest. As I’ve taught adults, I’ve found linking activities to their actual interests and fit the target language into their lives. But I haven’t led younger classes in a school setting.

I’m struggling to fit this to a school curriculum - how would you maintain teens’ interest and get them to talk through an entire semester or year when they have multiple classes per week?

Resources for English language teachers & students are now available on my Patreon page. 

Lesson plans, puzzles, word games, vocabulary exercises, cheat sheets, conversation prompts and more - I hope to make your teaching preparation easier, conversation classes more successful and studies more enjoyable!

Do you know someone who would find this useful? Please share this link: patreon.com/learnedwords

I’m very grateful for your support!

Glad to see Germany will now let me leave and *may* allow me back in without a visa if (when) happens, providing I have all possible supporting documentation with me (rental and work contracts, residence permit, tax records, evidence of superannuation payments ... ) and am prepared for long processing times at the border. Because of course, everyone carries these types of documents on holiday!

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