The petition will now actually be discussed in parliament, recognising the huge number of signatures it has received.

Please sign the if you haven’t already done so, and you are a UK citizen who doesn’t want to happen!

To watch the numbers without overloading the site, use

@Kymberly wow!!!!!!!!

Signatures from my voting location now stand at 39.1% of the entire electorate.

This really does look like it'll hit 6 million.

@zyx It’s an amazing turnout for an online petition! Shows that people feel really strongly about this, and that the politicians aren’t listening :-/

@Kymberly meh yes I have to sadly agree. I've written to my MP, Mark Field, numerous times. I have a pic of him standing next to me wearing a Britain Stronger in Europe sticker on his way to the postbox.

Party view over constituent's views is his conflicting default!

There's no denying those MP's who TRULY support remain will feel encouraged by the undeniable impacful force of this petition's swelling numbers.

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