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An upcoming trend is Solutions or Constructive which isn't just focussed on problems and awareness thereof, but more on how we can solve them.

Read Ellen Heinrichs of ..


"Enabling us to shift us from learned helplessness to what we might call learned hopefulness" as per this ..


I believe in this idea. The Humane Tech Community is also dedicated to 'collecting solutions' for quite some time now.

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When commodities break, they are easily replaced. When you break a chair, you buy another chair. We know well how to make one thousand chairs. They sit in boxes, lining the warehouses, ready for two-day shipping.

But when the unique breaks, we might mend.


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Please join me in welcoming @LEDCoyote and @mariha as maintainers in the C4Social community!

There are now three of us maintaining four repos, two of which being experimental forks of Mastodon and Diaspora*, one for our website C4social.org and another for the tooling to make your own fork.

✔️ We've reached critical mass and are ready to merge your docs and code toward the mission of... Creating magic through evolution of the Fediverse! 🎩🦎🎆

It's just terrifically sad to think about. But I hope that my above post isn't taken as some kind of tech-utopian hope or vision. My brain just.. started looking for ways to help. So many people have tried to help with all they had, many losing their lives in the process, and I firmly do not want to dishonor them. I need to sit with the news, read, and listen to the stories without reaching for my own soothing salve of trying to be useful right away.

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Heartbreaking reading women's stories from Afghanistan, as the country falls to the Taliban again. I have only just started learning about permacomputing, but I wonder if this is the kind of collapse it can help? Can we somehow get low power resilient computing devices into the homes and hands of Afghan girls and women? Would be dangerous for them to own of course. I just don't know; it's really so awful 😓


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