Yes. "The #Fediverse needs more developers."

"I ran through the 42 repos of every site in the Social Media category, adding the notably absent Diaspora, and I get a grand total of 76 active developers. Looking at the commit logs and pretty graphs I’d estimate that putting it in terms of full-time developers, we’re in the single digits."


@tchambers Hi! I am pretty new to this space (the Fediverse), but it is pretty exciting to me and I'd love the chance to contribute. Are there ecosystem-level places where a new dev could contribute? Or are specific projects (fedproxy?) The places that need help the most?

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@LEDCoyote Well an obvious place is being a contributor to #mastodon itself or to other big #Fediverse apps, #pleroma #misskey or #pixelfed ...

Another angle would be to dive into other #activitypub dev projects that you find compelling...

Very cool to hear you wanting to contribute...

@tchambers I'll keep exploring the ecosystem and find a place. Thanks for your kind response!

@LEDCoyote @tchambers

There's one place that really needs all the help it can get, and it happens to be the one where the entire foundation of the is being evolved: The Community

@humanetech I already joined there, yay! :bongoCat: Been reading and absorbing a lot. Lots of great content Enjoy your exploration, and feel free to ask, if you have questions about Misskey, which is one of my favourites.
Friendica is also very interesting and powerful.

@norztech Thank you—I appreciate it. And I'll definitely go check out those applications as well. Mastodon is just my gateway drug into the Fediverse 😂

@LEDCoyote @tchambers
As a first exercise for digging the #fediverse & #ActivityPub, you could try and check if #Hubzilla & #BookWyrm are compatible.

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