the mastodon exodus, an oral history

day 1: some good accounts got banned, lets see em on the new site

day 2: this is so sweet and innocent, everyone will be nice forever

day 3: the first Horny Backlash


day 6+: mostly gossiping about twitter

@LLW902 somehow still a million times better than twitter. Plus there's tiddies

@LLW902 I logged on to Mastodon in 2016. The Twitter gossip has been here since the beginning. It's a heavy metal. It's in our bones. Or tusks, or whatever.

@LLW902 No. Wait. 2017. After a particularly bad Thanksgiving. Still though.

@LLW902 (adam curtis voice)
'but then something funny happened. . .

people starting "tooting" about something called . . . "vape ape"'

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