Normally, I hate the day before the first day of class. Every year in the Fall, I hate every decision that led me to step into a classroom.
It usually goes away very fast. It's just a form of pre-stage jitters.

I haven't been physically in front of students for so long, that this year, for the first time in my life, there is only excitement.

First time out of Nova Scotia since 2019. Very long story, but I spent a couple of days in Québec (the city). Here is a sunset.

I never thought I could find such a perfect ink match for this Platinum Century #3776 Carnelian.

I had an interaction with a student that just made me question if he was playing stupid for a stunt and our conversation would end up on the internet.
You know, like a prank call of some sort.

The movie Happily came out this past weekend. It is available to rent anywhere you can rent movies.
It is the first feature film by a director I really like.

If this looks like anything you might like, think about supporting independent cinema!

Work in Progress or the way I am spending some time in Tokyo without travelling.

I have been very fortunate to live through this pandemic in Nova Scotia where cases have been low.
I am however very pessimistic about the pace of vaccination.
And I just miss my family. I haven't seen any member of my family south of the border or across the Atlantic in 14 months. And I miss them.

@SlowRain I have been meaning to ask (as my list of books to read becomes more manageable).
Which John le Carré Books would you recommend?
I have only ever read "Our kind of traitor" and "Agent running in the field"

I am not happy about Daft Punk coming to an end.

Today I organised my day around a friend coming over for tea after they were done work.
They called at 6:00p to tell me they wouldn't actually be free until 9:00p (too late for me). We rescheduled for Sunday afternoon at 4:00. I moved other things around to make it possible.
I just received a text saying they actually cannot do 4:00 and ask about the evening. Evening now taken with the thing I had to move around to accomodate 4:00.
I am done.

I inked one of my vintage flexy pens with some Waterman washable blue.

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