It's been a week. And yes, I know it is only Tuesday.
But I do find it really hard to cope with the mass shooting in Nova Scotia without being able to come together as a community.

That's a tough thing to go through, especially at a time like this. How close were the shootings to where you live?

@SlowRain He started about an hour and a half drive from here, but was stopped less than 40 km from the city. He lived just across the harbor. It all feels very close.

Yep. That would be pretty unnerving. Was anyone you know affected?

@SlowRain Not that I know of. The death toll rose from 16 to 23 yesterday. There is still a bit of lingering uncertainty, but it is probably reasonable to assume no.

Any motive? Was it completely random, or does it seem to have been targeted?

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